'X Factor' Bleeds 2 Million Viewers With Most Shocking Audition Ever

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x factor uk zoe alexander shocks nicole scherzinger gary barlow

Simon Cowell's X Factor UK had the most shocking audition ever with Zoe Alexander, but less people got to see it as the show's premiere was off by more than 2 million people from last season. Chilling news since his X Factor USA goes head to head the very popular Adam Levine's The Voice in a few weeks. Video below.

When a show like Simon Cowell's X Factor franchise has the most over the top shocking audition in its history with Zoe Alexander, it will be promoted heavily and viewers will tune it, but neither of these happened when his X Factor UK premiered over the weekend. He ousted judge Kelly Rowland and replaced her with X Factor USA ousted judge Nicole Scherzinger but the show lost more than 2 million viewers from last season. The numbers haven't been this bad since 2006, but with such a glut of talent competition shows in both the UK and the US, viewership is bound to begin eroding.
x factor uk judges in shock at zoe alexander throwing mike at them
I don't know if this is foreshadowing for next month, but X Factor UK was beaten by The Voice UK. Many are expecting pretty much the same story when Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green go head to head with Britney Spears, Demi Lavato, LA Reid and Simon Cowell next month. Levine has already said that his show had no intention of going negative. Britney Spears is already being described as a female Cowell in their promotions.
zoe alexander x factor uk pink audition
So now to the most shocking audition in X Factor history...and I think in most talent show competitions. When I first heard this, I expected it to look very staged, but Zoe Alexander is either an amazing actress very well compensated or the girl just went batshit! It started (and you'll see in the video below where it captures her from start to finish) out fine with her looking very much like Pink and telling the judges that she did a Pink tribute act with her family. Her dad does Tom Jones and mom does Shania Twain. She does the number sounding like a karaoke act, and the judges are nice enough to have her do another number.
zoe alexander sings pink karaoke style for x factor uk 2012
Take That's Gary Barlow stops the music and they're honest with her about finding herself, etc. Alexander has that look I've seen a few times with entertainers that just don't want to hear the truth or have been protected from it all their life. She just looks at them without much expression and you just know she's about to blow. The weirdness happens when she tells the judges that they told her to sing a Pink number which they obviously hadn't as you'll see in the video. She swears they did and then as she's finally walking off the stage, she throws her microphone back at them causing Nicole Scherzinger to open her mouth wider which will probably excite a few men out there.
zoe alexander tells x factor uk judges they told her to sing pink and swears
zoe alexander throws microphone at x factor uk judges gary barlow
nicole scherzinger in pure shock on x factor uk at zoe alexander
But Alexander doesn't stop there. She then walks off the stage, sees the poor cameraman and goes after him. After that bit of high tantrum she continues destroying things backstage and I'm assuming the girl must have needed a little breather finds comfort in Tom Jones/Shania Twain family. Then her Tom Jones father takes her back out on stage in front of the judges and as you'll see, poor scared Scherzinger jumps up from her seat and Tulisa Contostavlos tells her to stay up on the stage. At that point, I'd be very nervous too. She didn't get much comfort as her dad took her back off again.
zoe alexander with tom jones dad curses x factor uk judges again
Tulisa Contostavlos tells zoe alexander to stay on x factor uk stage afraid
Back with her family again another cameraman is capturing her further descent into rejection and she spots him. This girl is like a snake, she sees, adjusts herself and then seizes so another cameraman felt her 22 year old wrath.
zoe alexander on x factor uk looking for something to destroy
zoe alexander destroys x factor uk backstage equipment
zoe alexander about to hit x factor uk cameraman
zoe alexander breaks and hits camerman on x factor uk
zoe alexanders slams x factor uk cameraman back
zoe alexander about to cry on x factor uk auditions before tearing stuff up
zoe alexander loses it at x factor uk audition
While many times bad behavior is rewarded on reality shows, Alexander was arrested. She has claimed again that she was advised to sing a Pink song by a member of the show’s production team. She said: ‘When the judges rejected me I realised I had been manipulated by the X Factor for the previous six weeks. They lured me in, coaxed me and even chose my song, all with the intention of setting me up for a fall. I am really shocked at the lengths they will go to set people up for humiliation.’

However, an X Factor spokesman denied Miss Alexander’s account, saying: ‘The claims are completely without foundation.

‘Contestants are not told what to sing – they make their own decisions. Zoe chose to sing a Pink song and was then given the opportunity to perform something else.’

People will definitely remember Ms Alexander but definitely for all the wrong reasons. Pink would not be proud.
x factor bleeds 2 million viewers with most shocking zoe alexander audition

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