Hugh Jackman's 'Wolverine' Hits Japan With More New Images

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hugh jackman shoots wolverine in japan images

The last we saw Hugh Jackman's Wolverine had him running around bare chested in Australia, but now the film has moved on to Japan, and both the star and director James Mangold have been busy tweeting out pics of their arrival. Check them out below.

Hugh Jackman shirtless and sweaty for wolverine movie
Hugh Jackman is looking very Logan in these latest images from Wolverine shooting in Japan. Both Jackman and James Mangold have been working their Tweets showing fans what's going on behind the scenes of this very long gestating film. After having Australia filling in for Japan, it must be great for the crew to actually be in the real country now.

The Australian images showed a prison camp with plenty of shirtless men doing some hard labor along with Wolverine, but these shots of Jackman doing his thing in Japan are much more fun. Rila Fukushima stars as Yukio, an assassin meant to kill Wolverine, but as many people do, falls head over heels for the hairy buff guy. With everyone tweeting out pics like they do, you can count on many more images coming in fast and furious.
hugh-jackman with wolverine crew
hugh jackman with japanese friends of wolverine
hugh jackman and james mangold at rugby game for wolverine
mount fuji shot from hugh jackman on wolverine set
hugh jackman doing sushi with wolverine crew
hugh jackman getting fanned for wolverine set images
hugh jackman with tao okamoto on wolverine movie set
tao okamoto checking out hugh jackman for wolverine images
fukushima yukio first look in wolverine movie images
Wolverine will be hitting theaters in 2013 after a long period of start, don't start and now it's finally really shooting! And thanks to the Jackman for sending over even better res images to put up. Always nice to have someone like that a fan of the site!
hugh jackman thumbs up for wolverine in tokyo japan

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