When Celebrities Get Weird With Fans Plus Robert Pattinson

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awkward celebrities with fans robert pattinson

Celebrities know that they have to make time for fans, and sometimes they even will sign autographs or things for their fans. Here's some of the more awkward moments some like Robert Pattinson, Jack Nicholson and Britney Spears. Check out the awkwardness below.

1. Jack Nicholson and the Joker

jack nicholson angry to sign heath ledger joker picture

2. Danica Patrick signs fan's chest a little confused of the sex of them.

danica patrick signs fans big chest display

3. Jerry Seinfeld – What’s the deal with that?

jerry seinfeld nervous with freaky fan

4. Hayden Panettiere keeps the world safe from the spread of fan diseases.

hayden panettiere hates fan's germs

5. Spike Lee is so [email protected] excited to meet you!!!!!!!!!!

spike lee not so happy with fan

6. Lady Gaga – um, baby Monster rawwr

lady gaga bored with little monsters

7. George Bush doesn’t not so comfortable or good with the kids.

george bush makes babies cry

8. Henry Rollins meets his angry and bored as [email protected] fanbase

henry rollins not looking happy with bored fans

9. Remember that kid from the Terminator 2 movie (Edward Furlong)? Yeah, things didn’t really work out.

edward furlong grabs fan by book

10. Set phasers on run

patrick stewart with big boned star trek fan

11. It’s hard when your fans are more fabulous than you and haven't turned on you for that stupid AIDS comment from Paris Hilton.

paris hilton meets flaming fan

12. I’m your biggest fan, Britney Spears. I smell all your records, especially those psychiatric ones!

britney spears awkward with big bear fan

13. Right after this picture was taken Gary Busey spoke about the evils of psychiatric medicines

gary busey gets weird smile with male fans bulge

14. Right after this picture was taken, Carrot Top asked if he could borrow $5

carrot top gets big bulge with fans in las vegas

15. Don’t stand too close to mildly sedated Hugh Grant

hugh grant sedated and awkward with fan

16. Hey, you fit a lifesize version of Katy Perry on your back!

katy perry meets fatback fan tattoo

17. Dude, Luke Skywalker, Mark Hamill. And me without my meds.

mark hamill with freaky star wars fan

18. Tom Cruise just can’t get over your incredible pores

tom cruise smiles at male fans bulge attention

19. Call me “Buffy” Luke Perry, and I'll give you a real Mr. Pointy

luke perry with big boned fan

20. Vincent Pastore still thinks he’s in the Sopranos

sopranos vincen pastore with big fan

21. Robert Pattinson keeps a close look on fans assets to and wonders what hair care products she's using.

robet pattinson checking out fans rack and hair style

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robert pattinson with celebrity fans in wifebeater and smoking

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