EXCLUSIVE: Viggo Mortensen Will Be The Gunslinger 'In The Dark Tower' Epic

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Viggo Mortensen Will Be The Gunslinger 'In The Dark Tower' Epic

the dark tower best horror movies ever curt johnson stephen king

Viggo Mortensen Will Be The Gunslinger 'In The Dark Tower' Epic
Indie Genius Best Movies Ever

the dark tower movie best movies ever curt johnson stephen king

Viggo Mortensen will be playing the gunslinger in Ron Howard's epic saga 'The Dark Tower' which will be turned into three movies and a televison series. A first ever!

viggo mortensen in the dark tower best movies ever
The Post reported yesterday that Ron Howard's epic undertaking of Stephen King's epic novel 'The Dark Tower' was down to two very fine actors for the lead role of Roland the Gunslinger. Viggo Mortensen and Javier Bardem
dark tower movie viggo mortensen javiar badem best movies ever

This film has been in the making for years and years now, and below are the multitude of actors that have been bounced around.

dark tower actors movie best movies ever stephen king
dark tower movie actors best movies ever stephen king

I'm just glad that this project is finally getting the real attention it deserves and not just another bad Stephen King adaptation. Even King is totally behind the film/tv series as he's given up his full time column with Entertainment Weekly and only doing it sporadically. Our source on this project said that Ron Howard is moving along pretty quickly with casting as this is a passion project for him. "Ron already has his mind made up about Viggo Mortensen, and they're getting everything hammered out since this is going to be like doing another 'Lord Of the Rings' for him," our source said earlier today. "Odds are that AMC will be picking this up since they struck gold with 'The Walking Dead' and Ron's seeming to be leaning in that direction."

Viggo Mortensen is the perfect choice for this role since he does down and dirty really well as in 'The Road', and this is the type of role that would put him back in the spotlight like 'Lord Of the Rings' did. Since then, his film choices, while pretty cool, haven't given him the big push like Peter Jackson's trilogy did.

The Dark Tower spans seven novels, the first being The Gunsliger in 1982 and the most recent being The Dark Tower in 2004. To understand what this means to Stephen King, one just need to look at the way he tied all his prior stories and characters into the seventh novel of the series. King has since announced their will be an eighth book in the series, The Wind Through the Keyhole, and King has also been adding to the mythology through the Marvel comic book series based onThe Dark Tower.

The way that Ron Howard is planning to give 'The Dark Tower' what it deserves, he'll be starting with a sprawling epic film, begin a television series, another film, back to tv series and tie it all up with another epic film. Now that will be an absolute first for anything like this, and this could be a very very cool concept.

The first 'Dark Tower' movie will be hitting screens in 2013, so there's plenty of time to make sure it's done right.

Ron Howard Talks The Dark Tower Movie Best Movies Ever

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