The Vampire Diaries ‘Let Her Go’ S: 6, EP: 14 Recap

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The following contains spoilers for the TV show The Vampire Diaries

As a fan who has watched every episode of The Vampire Diaries, laughing and crying like I’m part of the cast, I can only say one thing: last week’s episode of TVD was the greatest episode I have ever seen. It was happy, it was sad, it made me mad, it made me cry… Literally every emotion I have I felt during “Let Her Go.”

So, as we all know, Sheriff Forbes has passed away. Instead of grieving like a normal person, Caroline gets right to work setting up the funeral and the reception and deciding whether or not to sell her house… she enlists the help of her friends to carry out the day’s “activities”. Even at the beginning of the episode, though, you can tell something weird is going on with Caroline. Juuuust wait.

Damon is having issues writing Liz’s eulogy just like he did way back in the day when he uhh, forgot to show up to his mother’s funeral. This part complete with flashbacks of teenage Damon and little Stefan sharing a moment- every fan was like, “aww.”

Jo supposedly ate some bad Thai food and we find her and Alaric conversing in between her puking in the bathroom when there’s a knock on the door… guess who. Ah, Kai. You just won’t go away, will you? But wait- he’s sick too. Except he’s throwing up blood. His body is rejecting Luke’s magic (haha, sucker) and apparently, to save the Gemini coven, Jo has to give him her magic. Which sounds sketchy as hell until he reminds her that if he dies, so does everyone else AND all the magic prisons (yes, MULTIPLE prisons) will collapse which means Bonnie goes bye-bye.

Speaking of Bonnie, she finally got back from Nova Scotia and her magic is back. She can finally come home! More on that in a minute.

Cut to Liz’s funeral, where the police squad (wait, there’s been a “squad” this whole time?!) does a “last call” to Sheriff Forbes’s radio and the tears are a-flowing. Damon finally came up with a eulogy and looks Caroline straight in the eyes and basically reminds her that her mother loved her and she’s going to do great things with her life. I cried like a baby. Oh yeah, Tyler showed up drunk and Matt kicked him out like… dude you cannot come to this funeral drunk, you suck right now.

At the end of the funeral Caroline gets up and SINGS AND SHE’S AWESOME AT IT. Basically in this moment Stefan realizes that he does love her and oh man I cannot wait to see what happens with that relationship.

Back at home, Jo agrees to give Kai her magic, and at the same time in the prison world, Bonnie is getting ready to head home. So they do their weird chanting thing and right as Bonnie is about to make it back… it starts snowing. So she freaks out and notices that the sky has changed all different colors- at this point I was like what the hell is going on?! She finds a house, goes inside and realizes THAT SHE’S IN A DIFFERENT PRISON IN 1903. Multiple prisons, remember? But whose prison is it?

It stops snowing and Bonnie hauls ass back to the eclipse and this is all happening because of Kai and Jo and then right at the very last second before Bonnie gets sucked up into the unknown, some random lady in old timey clothing shows up and says “who are you?” and TVD fans everywhere realize that the 1903 prison was STEFAN AND DAMON’S MOTHER’S PRISON. So now were all wondering if she’s a witch and kind of freaking out about it.

Oh, and by the way. Once Jo and Kai are done chanting, he whispers something into her ear and hits the road. Alaric of course is like what the hell did he say and Jo is just standing there with her mouth on the floor and then in dawns on all of us… Jo isn’t sick from food poisoning. SHE’S PREGNANT. And of course this is the most opportune moment so Alaric gets on one knee and proposes to her and we find out that he was going to propose the day after Luke died and then we all cried tears of joy.

Caroline decides to leave the reception early and Elena (thankfully) follows her home because that’s what best friends do, obviously. And then, a bomb drops. Caroline wants to turn off her humanity (and we all know how that goes, bad idea). So Elena tries to convince her not to and instead of taking her advice, Caroline snaps her neck and disappears. What. The. Hell.

Cut to Damon walking into the Salvatore kitchen and noticing PANCAKES sitting on the kitchen table. He looks up… and Bonnie is there (I CAN’T TAKE ANY MORE EMOTIONAL SCENES). They share a heartwarming embrace and Bonnie shows Damon the weird woman who showed up right before she came home and Damon’s face is priceless when he stutters, “that’s my mom.”


“Let Her Go” was chock full of new developments, and sadly, TVD fans have to wait until March 5 to see what happens next. And let’s face it, we can’t wait. Until next time, Vampire fans!