The Vampire Diaries Episode 16 Predictions

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Since the previous episode of The Vampire Diaries was a chock full of tears, surprises and bombshells, I think it’s high time we make a few predictions as to what will happen on the next episode, airing March 12. (By the way, thanks network- like we can really wait to see what happens next?!)

Caroline has officially lost it and gone off the deep end, as we saw when she broke Elena’s neck and took off. She’s decided to turn off her emotions, and from the promos it looks as though she’s about to do some crazy stuff. In my opinion, she’ll turn her emotions back on by the end of the episode. Caroline is far too levelheaded to not have her emotion trail. However, remember when Elena turned her emotions off and killed that random server in the café, I’m thinking Caroline might take the same route.

Jo is pregnant and the statement alone was enough to make my jaw drop to the floor. What I’m wondering, though, is what’s going to happen when the Gemini coven finds out? First of all, is she going to have twins which only makes sense. And also, since the merge went haywire and Luke died, I’m betting the Gemini coven is going to have some sort of revenge planned for Jo and Alaric’s little bundle of joy.

BONNIE IS HOME – HALLELUJAH! Before she left the prison world, she ended up going back and forth between two prisons and may have accidentally brought Damon and Stefan’s mother back with her. Something crazy is DEFINITELY going down if mama shows up at the Salvatore mansion. My fingers are itching just thinking about the drama. Anyway, is everything going back to normal? (Come on, this is Mystic Falls and normal is not in their vocab.) Since Jeremy left to be a vampire hunter, is he going to come back once he finds out Bonnie is home? That reunion would be just too bittersweet.

So, after Jo gave Kai all of her magic, he hits the road. This is nice for everyone, but let’s be honest. TVD fans LOVE Kai. He can’t leave like that. Plus, Liv is on a serious revenge trip, so I’m thinking she’s going to follow him wherever he goes and unleash a crazy plan to throw him back in the prison world.

Apparently, Matt and Tyler are going to become cops. I don’t have a prediction for this but all I know is they are going to make some mighty fine officers!

Back to Caroline for a quick moment. After Stefan realizes that he feels something more for her, he goes to her house to confront the “issue,” where he finds Elena laying on the floor. So now that Caroline is turning off her humanity, what will that do to their relationship? I’m thinking Stefan is going to be her savior and will be the one to bring her back to her normal self. It’s going to be so romantic I can already feel the tear.

Catch all the drama we TVD fans are addicted to when The Vampire Diaries returns March 12 on the CW Network!