The Vampire Diaries ‘The Day I Tried to Live’ S:6,EP:13 Recap

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The following contains spoilers for The Vampire Diaries

Okay, stop. Collaborate and listen… Kai has FEELINGS? “The Day I tried to Live,” The Vampire Diaries 13th episode in season six, proved to be a hailstorm of emotions for everyone.

First of all, it’s Bonnie’s birthday. In true Caroline and Elena fashion, the two pair up to have a birthday selection, which is weird because as we all know, Bonnie is still stuck in 1994. A birthday party with no guest of honor? Okay, then.

Kai shows up at the Salvatore house and asks Damon and Elena to deliver a note to Jo. Some of us called his bluff, while others, like myself, sat there in stunned silence for a moment. Kai explains that apparently when he merged with Luke, he “caught” some of Luke’s emotions. Like guilt, for example. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves people- the guy murdered his family. He doesn’t get redemption that quickly. Anyway, Elena and Damon come up with a bargain- they’ll get the letter to Jo if Kai fixes the ascendant so that Elena can deliver some sort of birthday message to Bonnie.

Which goes relatively according to plan, until Damon notices that Bonnie is drinking a particular bottle of whiskey and realizes, holy crap… Bonnie is going to end it. She’s going to kill herself. On her birthday. CUE THE TEARS.

Meanwhile, Liv is having one hell of a time trying to live with the fact that Luke is dead. Tyler tells her that it’s time to hit the road, but Liv has other plans in mind. What we think is about to be a seductive moment between the two turns out to be Liv whispering a “night-night” spell into Tyler’s ear because DUH, she’s going to kill Kai.

Stefan and Caroline go on a treasure hunt looking for Mr. Cuddles, who Caroline buried forever ago after stealing the bear from Bonnie. Nostalgia at its best, people. But then, there’s this random moment where Caroline and Stefan look like they’re about to kiss and the whole audience HAD to be on the edge of their seats and boom, Caroline looks away. Of course. Sheesh.

Enzo and Matt are still lurking around Duke, mulling over Enzo’s plan of revenge against Stefan. Enzo has Matt flirt with Sara Salvatore and nothing really happens and we’re all still trying to figure out why he’s so pissed at Stefan anyway.

And now, for the best/worst part. Kai’s magic for some reason isn’t strong enough for him, Elena, Jeremy and Damon to stay on the “other side” so instead, Jeremy and Kai go by themselves. We find Bonnie in the garage, with the door down and the car on… Oh my God, she’s really doing this. She makes a video and gives a shout out to everyone, including Jeremy, telling him to be happy. Meanwhile, Jeremy is standing there watching her do this and crying and screaming at her to be strong, but of course, she can’t hear him and everyone who watches Vampire Diaries is freaking out. Then, Bonnie has some sort of epiphany when she remembers how Grams always told her to be strong.

Well, of course now the smoke from the exhaust is creeping into Bonnie’s lungs and she struggles to get to the car door to shut it off and Jeremy is having a coronary, screaming at her to get up and pushing on the garage door opener, even though he can’t physically touch anything and the whole world seems to stop when all of a sudden… the damn door opens. And we all breathed a collective sigh of relief. Bonnie will live another day.

Oh, and also, Liv shows up at the Salvatore house with death on her mind and Kai attempts to kill her but those damn feelings get in the way and he can’t do it. Damon punches a hole in the wall and pours liquor down the chimney and blows Liv away and who knows what happens after that.

Damn this show, always keeping us in suspense and on the brink of a vampire meltdown! Check out the next chapter of The Vampire Diaries on Thursday at 8 p.m.!