'True Blood' Season 5 Finale Images & Clips Unleashed

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true blood season 5 images with pam eric sookie and tara

The True Blood Season 5 finale is coming fast and furious, and here's a slew of clips from this Sunday with images to give you an idea of what to expect below.

true blood season 5 alexander skarsgard erik with sookie
Alan Ball is still promising that his final season of True Blood will be the biggest yet, but it's been a so so season that's finally getting on firmer ground after whittling down all those storylines. The past two episodes have gotten dark, and for all the fans that felt like Bill (Stephen Moyer) was too crippled emotionally by Sookie, they got their wish and he's a real wanker now due to some type of Vampire nesting disability that's taken hold of him.
true blood season 5 finale images
We can tell that in the finale it's up to Erik to save the day, and I'm liking Sookie more this season now that she's single and has an actual goal other than figuring out which of her Eric Bill or Alcide men she should be with.
true blood season 5 finale with erik and tara
bill with his true blood season 5 vampire authority army
true blood pam jailed at vampire authority season 5 finale
pam vamping for true blood jessica season 5 finale images
stephen moyer as true blood season 5 crazy bill
It'll be interesting to see what the new showrunner next season does with the finale's aftermath along with which major characters are going to be killed off for good. Below are several clips for the upcoming episode that I'm looking forward to seeing just to see how it ends this season.
sam trammell shirtless and bound for true blood bill finale

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