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We're all excited that the PS4 finally arrives on November 15 just two days away so here's my opinion on the top 5 games you must have to get the most full experience from Sony's latest Playstation 4. These are the one I've played the most now and have really seen just what this new game system can do.

You’ve already figured out what present you are getting that video game lover in your family – the PlayStation 4, no doubt. But, there's a whole host of games that are released with the highly anticipated PlayStation 4, and that family member knows exactly which game they want to be playing over Christmas break and on into 2014. With that in mind, we will go over the top 5 games to help you narrow down your search and make your decision when it finally comes time to venture to the malls and retail stores to do the all important Christmas shopping.

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Killzone: Shadow Fall: Set 30 years after Killzone 3, Guerrilla Games shows off its sequel in a fantastic uproar of huge explosions set in a beautiful Sci-Fi utopian world. Amidst a conflict that is reminiscent of the Cold War, warring factions live in a city that is divided by a large wall. The two factions are fighting for survival, which ultimately leads to war. This game is released with the launch of Playstation 4, and that makes it a perfect candidate for the first game you may want to pick up for that Christmas present.

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Infamous: Second Son: This highly anticipated sequel to Infamous 2, Infamous: Second Son throws you into the open world of another action-adventure game. This sequel will have a very similar style of play to its predecessor, but Sucker Punch has vowed to improve on every system of play to make their franchise even more desirable than it already is.

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Set in Seattle, Washington, you are thrown into the shoes of Delsin Rowe, a 24-year-old artist that has no idea where he is going in life. One fateful day, Delsin witnesses a bus crash, and he attempts to save the lives of the people on board. In the process, Delsin comes into contact with a Conduit, one who has the ability to channel super human powers, and this awakens his own Conduit powers. Delsin's conduit powers give him the ability to absorb the powers of other Conduits. With his newly found powers, Delsin vows to fight back against the oppressive Department of Unified Protection, an organization that is created to arrest or destroy all Conduits.

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The Order: 1886: This game is a third-person action-adventure that is set in Victorian-Era London during a battle between an elite order of Knights that is sworn to protect humanity and the powerful monsters who only wish to destroy the world. The Order 1886 is looking at a release date in 2014, which means that your family members won't be able to enjoy it over the Christmas break, but this game has become one of the most anticipated of them all due to its unique setting and stylized gameplay.

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Deep Down: A first-person high intensity action game that throws you into the deepest parts of the world to hunt dragons. Using the new Phanta Rhei graphics engine, this beauty of a game boasts amazing lighting effects and amazing footage of your Knight being covered in an onslaught of dragon fire that only his shield can protect himself from. Deep Down may be a working title and the game may be released under a different name. Make sure to keep an eye out on its new name and get a hold of this one before Christmas.

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Destiny: We are certain that everyone has heard of Halo and its many sequels. Bungie, the creators of Halo, has decided to jump back into the gaming scene with a "shared world shooter." This shooter is packed with stunning visuals, like most PlayStation 4 games, but also includes elements of a vast world that is waiting for you to discover it with your friends. Destiny, like Halo, will be a co-operative first person shooter with fully customizable character profiles. Although Destiny has been to release on the PlayStation 4, it is also set to release on the PlayStation 3, but of course we recommend that you purchase Destiny, a next generation game, along with your purchase of a next generation system.

We understand that deciding on which game to buy for Christmas may be a tough issue. Just keep in mind that the PlayStation 4 is shaping up to the best video game console that has ever been released. Any one of these highly anticipated games is going to keep your family members thoroughly entertained.

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