'The Walking Dead' Season 3 Prey Sets Stage For Major Character Death

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You know that when there's a quieter episode of The Walking Dead (although the action was pretty loud internally), the next few episodes are going to get pretty intense, and tonight the Governor attacks the prison as expected and things really unravel for Rick leading him to another 'I see dead people', but this time it's Carl.

It's no surprise that war is going to break out on tonight's Season 3 intense Walking Dead episode. When it's called Prey, it pretty much lets you know that the Governor is ready to attack and do some damage to Rick (Andrew Lincoln) which he does tonight. Also Daryl (Norman Reedus) is finally pushed to make some big decisions about brother Merle. We've been seeing this coming for a long time, but everything is hitting the fan tonight.

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As we've seen building, Andrea is suddenly thrust back into the spotlight as she tries to decide which side she wants to be on, and now she knows she's got to go up against her bed buddy the Governor. Getting Milton to help her isn't the best choice as we'll see what happens with that collaboration. While the Governor goes after someone who's gone against him, this leaves Woodbury open for Andrea to stir that pot. After all this, she'll be back with her old buddy Michonne  driving the Governor crazy and going after Rick and Glenn again to force them to say where she is.

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Now don't read any further if you don't want to be surprised or spoiled, but here's what we've been hearing from the same sources that gave have always been right on, especially with Lori's death. We're hearing Daryl better get busy and do his business with Carol as she might be one of the major character to bite the bullet from the Governor. People keep mentioning Judith, but we'll see. There's also a lot of talk that Hershel or Beth will be the other major character to go. I could definitely see Beth since her rounds of wanting to sing could bring the zombies out, and I'm hoping it's her over Hershel any day. I really like his character and how it's developed so well.

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The end of Season 3 will see Rick and the Governor having a resolution and it'll end with the Governor appearing to have been killed, but this character is way to bad and good for the show to end it so this is where Season 4 will begin. Morgan is looking to make another entrance to save Rick. There will be a traitor in the group, a suicide and naturally Rick will find someone to blame for all this. These next  three episodes are going to be very very intense! It's the way we love our Walking Dead!

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