'Tangled' Movie Review

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Best Movies Ever didn't think it would be too high on 'Tangled', and we do love to be wrong, and we were with this film. Disney hasn't done a traditional fairytale since 1991's 'Beauty And The Beast', and they hit it out of the park with this one.

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This retelling of Rapunzel is surprisingly smart and Disney has once again woken from it's long slumber and delivered a solid animated film that should do well at the box office. The story revolves around a young girl born with special healing powers in her lovely golden mane. Once she is born, a wicked old woman kidnaps her from her royal parents. She raises the girl as her own locked away in a hidden tower. With the princess safely sequestered, the deceitful old woman is able to exploit the child’s gift for her own eternal youth.
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After the very disappointing 'The Princess And The Frog', Disney has been playing it smart in marketing this one less to the young girl fantasy audience and more to the action oriented kids. They attempted this will the ill fated 'Secretariat', but this time, they were smart with it. The action in 'Tangled' is really really good, and Disney takes full advantage of 3D and makes it as good as in 'Legend Of The Guardians'. For example, even one of the less adventurous scenes where 3D works great is when Rapunzel finally leaves her tower, and, for the first time, feels the wind in her hair, the grass beneath her feet, the play of a cool, rushing brook on her outstretched hand, it's a moment of sensual awakening greatly enhanced by 3D's additional planes.

The casting for this film works really well with Mandy Moore playing the heroine and Zachary Levi (TV’s “Chuck”) is perfect as Flynn Ryder. His “prince” is arrogant, funny, charming and a perfect modern day hero… with a little help from his heroine. It is not hard to believe the sweet-natured romance between the two young leads. You know the two will wind up together, but the ride along the way is worth watching the characters developing relationship. Tangled may not be Disney's best animated film, but it goes back to the original roots of the fairytale, and rather than playing it snarky and tongue in cheek, it plays it as it was meant to be and sometimes that old fashioned feel can be alright.

Best Movies Ever Rating: B+

Tangled was a wonderful surprise for those of us jaded ones at Best Movies Ever, and Disney does what it does best and makes a timeless movie for all ages.

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'Tangled' Movie Review

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