'Sportsman Of the Year' Michael Phelps Unleashes SOL REPUBLIC Anthems

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michael phelps sol republic anthems
Not only has Michael Phelps been chosen as Sports Illustrated Sportsman Of the Year, but the swimming phenom has released his SOL REPUBLIC Anthem Tracks which are his own personal line of headphones. Phelps is one of 40 names on a list of candidates for the prestigious Person of the Year honor from Time Magazine, and we're hearing that his chances for that honor are rather good. No athlete has ever been chosen for Time Magazine's Person Of the Year, and we're rooting for him.
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As we reported earlier this month, Phelps will be given Sports Illustrated's prestigious honor of Sportsman Of the Year so the swimmer is continuing with his stellar year. Showing why Sports Illustrated is giving him this honor (and no, I'm not just talking about being nominated, he's been chosen), Phelps has released his latest personal project that gives back.

After his big phenomenal feats at the London Olympics Michael Phelps collaborated with SOL REPUBLIC, and each pair (varying from Tracks, HDs, and Deadmau5) he wore in the Olympics was then signed by him and put up on Ebay for a charity auction with proceeds going towards his Michael Phelps Foundation. In the midst of that he also worked on having his own line of headphones come out called “Anthems”. Proceeds will be going towards his Michael Phelps Foundation.

Committed to changing the world one listener at a time, SOL REPUBLIC is proud to announce the debut of its Michael Phelps-inspired Tracks HD Anthem headphones. Music has been an integral part of Michael’s life throughout his 16-year swimming career. Prior to every race, Michael used headphones and music for motivation and focus. Embracing his love of music and celebrating his success as the most decorated athlete of all time, the SOL REPUBLIC Anthem HD headphones feature an exclusive red, white and blue design with a portion of all proceeds benefitting the Michael Phelps Foundation.

“Swimming is my sport, but music is my life. Before every race, there are songs that motivate me to train hard, swim fast and win. These songs are my Soundtrack of Life,” said Michael Phelps. “I celebrate music because it not only motivated me to swim faster, but because it plays a role in every part of my life. SOL REPUBLIC is built on the philosophy that songs and music help shape our lives and we share a passion for music and how great sound can inspire anyone to victory.””

“We believe music is emotion. And for athletes, it’s a great way to motivate. We also believe that if music sounds better, it feels better. Great music combined with great sound is a powerful combination that can drive us all in whatever sport we play. Michael is an inspiration for many reasons but certainly for us at SOL REPUBLIC he’s a great reminder of how powerful music is when it’s the soundtrack of our lives,” said Kevin Lee SOL REPUBLIC CEO and co-founder.

Experience All the Emotion and Power of Music, Michael Phelps Style
Anthem headphones combine stunning jewel-toned red and dark blue accents over a pearl white foundation, and deliver the deep bass and emotional power of music that SOL REPUBLIC headphones are known for. In honor of Michael’s passion to grow the sport of swimming and promote healthy and active lives, a portion of the proceeds from sales of the Tracks HD Anthem headphone will benefit the Michael Phelps Foundation.

Like all SOL REPUBLIC Tracks HD headphones, the new Michael Phelps inspired version features interchangeable pieces that work with the entire Tracks Remix system, which all feature nearly indestructible FlexTech Sound Track headbands and interchangeable color cables with a remote and microphone. Their leading-edge V10 HD Sound Engines provide listeners with deeper bass, higher clarity and crisp vocals .

You can order the Sol Republic headphones here.

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