'Spartacus: War Of the Damned' Ellen Hollman Talks Saxa & Final Season

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Ellen Hollman's Saxa survived last season brutal ending of Spartacus: Vengeance, and she's become a true warrior in the upcoming final season of Spartacus: War Of the Damned with Liam McIntyre. Hollman is just as excited discussing her Germanic character's development on the Starz hit show as she is talking about her passion project, Visual Impact Now.

As Hollman puts it, Saxa is a woman who will never apologize for her strengths and embracing her weaknesses...which just so happen to be wine, women and her counterpart Gannicus (Dustin Clare). Fingers crossed she makes it onto one of the possible rumored spin-off series...if she survives since no one is ever safe on this show!

Spartacus: War Of the Damned premieres on Starz Friday January 25, and it's worth the watch! Every season gets better and more brutal and this final one promises to be a memorable one.

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Best Movies Ever:  Have you been happy with the character development of Saxa from last season to this third and final season of Spartacus: War Of the Damned?

Ellen Hollman: Happy barely scrapes the surface as to how amazing it was to bring "The Saxinator" full circle. This season we'll see a savage, Germanic rebel transform into a true warrior. Saxa is a woman who will never apologize for her strengths and embracing her weaknesses...which just so happen to be wine, women and her counterpart Gannicus.

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BME: How was it coming in last season and then having your fellow warriors Katrina Law and Lucy Lawless getting massacred?

EH: These ladies managed to make it to the final episode of last season but their demise was untimely indeed. It was a giant torch to carry without their presence but a challenge I looked forward to conquering.

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BME: How has your life changed since appearing on Spartacus: Vengeance last season?

EH: I can now jump off a cliffside onto a Roman shield into a 12 beat fight sequence and make it home in time for dinner. Could never do that before, lemme tell ya.

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BME: What’s been your strangest and/or funniest fan request?

EH: I recently visited the troops in Kuwait with fellow Sparty cast and one of the volunteers who worked for the USO tour asked if she could have the shirt off my back.... literally. It was a limited edition War of the Damned shirt and she said they never made them in small for the girls since most the volunteers were larger males. I grabbed her hand, brought her on our tour bus and we stripped down to exchange shirts. Despite her grin from ear to ear I doubt anyone will believe her story, ha!

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BME: What was your reaction when you found out that this was the final season of Spartacus?

EH: Honestly? We were all excited that they were 'throwing the kitchen sink' into the final season, enabling us to be bigger, badder and bloodier than ever before. There was no such thing as pace or save it for a rainy day. It's was balls to the wall, every day soaring past expectations.

BME: What can we expect from Saxa this season?

EH: Saxa is no longer a feisty kitty with sharp claws, she's a full grown lioness kicking some major Roman ass. She's Xena on steroids with a foul mouth to boot...in English this time!

BME: I know you can’t say much, but what can we expect from this final season of Spartacus besides even more battles and bloodshed?

EH: Everyone may be aware of Spartacus' denouement, but 'how' is a dramatic, twisted and heart wrenching surprise.

BME: There’s been plenty of rumors that there will be two possible spin-offs of Spartacus. What are the odds of you returning to either of them?

EH: No one would love to see a litter of Germanic Celts grace the screen more than Gaxa (Saxa/Gannicus). However, the ability to play a character with such intensity and create such a rich presence on screen has been nothing less than an honor and privilege. Whatever may be in the cards has my thumbs up.

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BME: Our readers really responded to your workout and fitness tips in our last interview with you. Have you picked up any more that you could share with them?

EH: I'm of course still loyal to my knife training and p90x Ab Ripper but have fallen in love with the torturous art of hot yoga barre and sculpt. They put you in a 90 degree room in front of a ballet bar and make you lift heavy things...you'll sweat a dress size in an hour.

BME: What else do you have coming up outside of the Spartacus world?

EH: Aside from fighting for freedom against Roman legions, I spend a great deal of time running my non-profit organization, Visual Impact Now. We'll be hosting the 2013 LA Eye Clinic March 17-24, servicing over 1,000 LAUSD students with visual acuity's, eye exams and glasses. Its a great way to wrack up the karma points and distract myself from post traumatic Spartacus syndrome!

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