Some New Characters Hit 'The Walking Dead' Season 3 Plus New Rumors

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It's many months away, but 'The Walking Dead' Season 3 is sparking lots of rumors as it's going to be darker, harder and more intense than ever plus some new characters are coming besides the Governor and Michonne. And there's a few more rumors hitting.

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You all know about David Morrissey playing the Governor and we've already had our first look at Danai Gurira as Michonne (below), but there are two new more characters coming on Season 3 of 'The Walking Dead' plus some interesting rumors (possible spoiler alert) of the gang heading back a little under the new Ricktatorship. I'm sure your remember Rick's (Andrew Lincoln) declaration that there was no longer a democracy at the end of last season which led to this new word for the world of 'The Walking Dead'. Apparently, the Governor will first attack once Rick and the gang try to take refuge in the prison that ended last season. After having read all the comics for the show, I'm glad that they're not staying 100% loyal so there's a surprise and constant sense of danger. After fan reaction wasn't so hot last season, the producers are cranking it up to start with a bang and end with a boom.
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The two new characters joining our merry band of survivors are:

Harold is in his 40s to early 50s. A studious and fastidious man, trying to create a niche for himself in this new world. This is guy is the polar opposite of Shane and more in line with Dale, whom I was sad to see go last season. I'm sure there'll be another Stephen King tv adaptation he'll be in soon.

Manuel is 30 to 40, Hispanic, a working class survivor, he is confident, physically skilled, a leader when necessary, capable and smart. Has a terrific sense of humor where you wouldn't expect one.
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Now rumors about how the season will start include the gang getting attacked by a band of walkers while they're trying to get inside the prison. Also Jimmy (now a zombie) will get a little wandering around the farm and rv screen time, and there's been a lot of talk that Morgan will be back this season, and our AMC source says to not expect T-Bone to last long. That would be a shame since the guy is almost like an Under Fiver (the actors that get less than five lines and less pay), but there's something likable about him anyway. The biggest thing is that Rick's dictatorship will have a profound effect on the gang and cause some splintering, especially once they're inside the prison with the new people.

After last season, I can't wait to see where they take the gang next, and I keep hearing that Lori will finally get zombified...which I think many of us wouldn't really mind so much.
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