Silly Kids Test Just How 'Wicked' This Witch Is In Latest Clips

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Image Entertainment's The Wicked has sent out two more clips from the film which definitely looks interesting. International Jock or 90210 fans will be happy to see more Justin Deeley (just clothed though!) in these along with Devon Werkheiser who learns that if you mess with a Wicked witch, you might end up looking a little S&M with an apple ball bag lodged in your mouth. Check out the latest clips and images from the film below.

The latest two clips show two teens tempting fate by throwing rocks at the witch's house to see if the urban legend is actually real. Naturally anyone would react to some kids busting out windows in their home. The next clip shows what that Wicked witch will do to you when you tempt to bust out her windows. It's got that alien fabric web look that the teen boys are caught in, but the apple gag in mouth will definitely get your attention. Keep your eyes out next week as we'll have a contest giveway thanks to Image.  Also for those that will definitely be curious, we'll be uploading a big section of Justin Deeley in his more au natural International Jock look too!

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Devon Werkheiser bulge for the wicked movie throwing rocks

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Devon Werkheiser nicole forester bulge for the wicked movie throwing rocks

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This definitely seems one primed for the Halloween market, but it hits on April 30, 2013, and keep your eyes peeled as Image Entertainment is giving away a couple DVD’s for all you contest giveaway lovers. You can also pre-order if you can’t wait.

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[callout title=The Woicked Movie Synopsis]Local stories warn that deep in the woods, a witch with a ravenous hunger feeds on the flesh of the young. In an abandoned house in the woods, she hunts her victims…and if you try to enter, you'll never see daylight again. When another child goes missing, a group of local teenagers decide to find out if the urban legend is true. What starts out as a meaningless dare turns into a blood-spattered fight for survival against a mistress of darkness in this unrelenting nightmare from which you may never wake up!

Starring: Devon Werkheiser, Justin Deeley, Nicole Forester, Cassie Keller

Directed By: Peter Winther

Release Date: April 30, 2013 (DVD)[/callout]

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