Ryan Lochte 'Bachelor' No More But Yearns For 'Gossip Girl' Now

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ryan lochte on 30 rock set for shirtless cameo with alec baldwin

Aspiring fashionista Ryan Lochte was all set for The Bachelor, but now the ABC show claims that he was considered, but he didn't fit into their line-up. Now the swimmer says he wants to be a Gossip Girl cameo and below are shots from his 30 Rock shoot with him shirtless, of course.

ryan lochte on 30 rock set wants to be a gossip girl now
Ryan Lochte was avidly lobbying for The Bachelor, but suddenly after his pink speedo Las Vegas party weekend, things got much quieter on that front along with Dancing With the Stars. Lochte was suddenly talking about a reality show that would be focusing on him and his training along with being the E! fashion reporter for New York's Fashion Week. Now he's pushing to be a Gossip Girl cameo after finishing up his 30 Rock shoot. He mentioned that it was rather tiring having so many takes.

alec baldwin gives ryan lochte advice on shirtless 30 rock images
He's definitely getting his on camera training in after being an E! fashion correspondent where he definitely seemed to be in his element and he's already got a October episode of 90210 under his belt too. Now he's pushing to the media that he'd absolutely love to to be considered for a cameo on Gossip Girl.

Good for him, at least he's trying out everything he's ever wanted to do and seeing what sticks and doesn't stick.
ryan lochte goes shirtless for 30 rock cameo set images
ryan lochte shirtless waiting for 30 rock cue from tina fey
I contacted our sources about The Bachelor since they had confirmed that everything was pretty much set for Lochte, and here's what they had to say about the sudden change of heart. So it's onward with Sean and possibly Roberto Martinez. Arie Luyendyk, Jr. tweeted out quickly that he's not interested and won't be on the next season as he's moving on to Indycar opportunities.

"ABC really wanted Ryan for The Bachelor knowing the ratings it could pull in, but after careful consideration, they felt that he might not be as interested in his housemates as our previous contestants. He should definitely do more shows like Project Runway since he seems more aimed at fashion style things. Dating shows might not be his bag."
ryan lochte no more bachelor waiting images

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