Ricky Martin Gleeks Out Images For His 'Glee' Role

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By now, most of you should know that Ricky Martin will be playing in one episode of 'Glee' that airs January 31, but here's some new images of how he prepared spiritually for the role with lots of wetness. Martin fans will be wishing to take a spiritual bath with him.

ricky martin prepares for role on glee 2012 puerto rico waterfall
Ricky Martin is quite spiritual so when Ryan Murphy brought him on for an episode of 'Glee' where he'll play a sexy Spanish teacher who sings and loves to shake his hips, he went to his beloved Puerto Rico to prepare for the not so challenging role. Murphy has hinted that Martin's teacher might just be gay or on the fringes which could make for a great role model story since there haven't been any gay or lesbian teachers (not even the coach) on the show yet. Martin tweeted out several pics from the set like the ones below, but I'm sure you Ricky Martin fans will appreciate his spiritual waterfall bath ones more.
ricky martin with chris colfer on glee set 2012
Ricky Martin and Lea Michelle (Rachel) go way back when they starred together in 'Les Miserables'.
rickey martin lea michelle on glee set 2012
We were sent a shot of Ricky getting his hair coiffed for his 'Glee' role which you can see right below and then the rest of his spiritual water sports bathing in Puerto Rico.  And of course if you push on Ricky's image, he'll grow even bigger for you.
ricky marting getting haircut for role on glee 2012
ricky martin puerto rico water sports glee role 2012
ricky martin under puerto rico waterfall for glee role 2012

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