'Paranormal Activity 4' Teases With Old Footage

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Halloween's coming and with it comes another Paranormal Activity so Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman are back directing it. They've put out a teaser trailer below which looks like old footage from the other 3 Paranormal Activity's to hold us over for the real trailer.

paranormal activity 4 clip images
The full trailer for Paranormal Activity 4 hits tomorrow, but you can get some clues of what the plot of the film is about with this teaser trailer. It pulls footage from the first two Paranormal Activity films as you'll see. Rumors have abounded that this latest installment penned by Zack Estrin (The River) will focus on videos the grandmother from Paranormal Activity 3 has of Julie as a child. We'll see since the teaser doesn't seem to follow that thinking. We've been hearing that this one will include the search for Katie and Hunter.

I've not been disappointed by any of the films in this franchise, and I'm looking forward to when this one hits October 19, 2012. Hey, thankfully they've stopped the Saw franchise (until Lionsgate greedily reboots it) so you know there's at least one good horror film to enjoy for Halloween!

Below is the first poster for the film, but you know they'll be a couple more, but stay tuned for when the real trailer hits tomorrow!
paranormal activity 4 poster from henry joost and rob eskin

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