Nook Simple Touch With Glowlight Beaten By Kindle PaperWhite

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Barnes & Noble have long been Amazon’s primary rival in the eReader marketplace, and have often beaten them to it with technological advances. The Nook Simple Touch GLowLight is actually the first eReader to include a light which does not lead to eyestrain. That means you can read in the dark without feeling like you’re staring at a computer screen – a massive upgrade on previous eReaders which couldn’t be read in the dark without a torch. However, does this make the Nook Simple Touch a great product, or just offer a marketing gimmick? Let’s take a look.

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Key Specs For The Nook Simple Touch With GlowLight

Average Price: $139

Release Year: 2012

Battery Life: 8 weeks

Screen Size: 6 inches

Screen Type: e-Ink with glowlight

Weight: 6.95 oz

Storage Size: 2GB

Internet: Wi-Fi

Main eBook Format: ePub

Nook Simple Touch With GlowLight: The Pros

GlowLight Technology: The biggest development offered by the Nook Simple Touch GlowLight is the GlowLight technology. This technology lights up the screen in such a way that it doesn’t glare when you look at it for long periods of time. Unlike traditional backlit screens like those found on computers and tablets, the GlowLight screen on the Nook Simple Touch does not lead to eyestrain, or other discomfort while reading.

This is a massive plus, as it means you can now read in the dark without needing a torch. What’s more, you can also adjust exactly how bright the screen appears, so if you don’t want to disturb whoever’s sleeping next to you, partner or baby, you can have the light set very low.

ePub Format: Unlike the Amazon Kindle, which uses its own book format, the Nook uses the popular ePub format. This is the most common eBook format, meaning you can buy and read books from a wide range of different sources, without having to worry about converting the files.

Touch Screen: Modern technology is increasingly going the way of the touch screen, with physical buttons going out of fashion like there’s no tomorrow. The Nook Simple Touch responds directly to this consumer interest by offering full touch-based controls to interact with the device. This gives it a real up-to-date feel and is sure to impress.

Battery life: Battery life is one of the most important things for any device designed to be portable. And the Nook Simple Touch doesn’t disappoint. Even with the light on, a full battery charge will last for up to one month of use – an impressive number, though not quite up to the level of the Kindle Paperwhite. Still, up until now a one month battery life has been standard for eReaders without a light, so making it possible for one that does have a light – and a touch screen – is certainly impressive.

Size And Weight: In terms of size and weight, the Nook Simple Touch GlowLight is great. It’s small enough to fit into a pocket on your cargo pants or slip into a backpack, suitcase or handbag. This size is also a bonus in terms of comfort when holding the device, as it’s easy to hold.

In addition, the GlowLight is very light weight. This makes it easy to carry around with you wherever you go, and also makes it easy to hold when reading for long periods of time. A double plus!

Anti-Glare: As with all eReaders, the Nook Simple Touch GlowLight doesn’t suffer from glare problems when used outside, even on the sunniest of days. This ensures you can use it wherever you are, whenever you want, without any difficulty.

Fast Page Turns: For those who are fast readers, or just a bit impatient, the fast page turns on the Nook Simple Touch are a blessing. They’re much faster than the majority of other eReaders, interrupting the reading experience which lets you get on with enjoying your book.

Comfortable: When it comes to comfort, it’s not only size and weight that matters, but also ergonomics. The shape of the device affects the way it feels in your hand, and the Nook Simple Touch is as comfortable as they come. This is made even better by the specially designed grip on the case, which makes it less likely to slip in your hand.

Expandable Memory: The Nook Simple Touch is one of the only eReaders to offer expandable memory options. This is certainly an advantage, and is something many users have been calling for from their eReaders for some time.

Using MicroSD memory cards, you can expand the memory on this device by up to 32GB, giving you more space that you could ever really use on eBooks. 

Nook Simple Touch With GlowLight: The Cons

Price: The Nook Simple Touch is competing directly with Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite, and unfortunately comes at a higher price. If the price drops, then this issue will go away, but for now the Simple Touch is one of the more expensive eReaders on the market.

Fragile Screen: Probably the single biggest issue with the Simple Touch GlowLight is the fragility of the screen. Many users have reported that even a minor knock leaves cracks in the screen that glow whenever the light is switched on in the device. That means you’ll have to be ultra careful with the device, otherwise your reading experience with the light on will be ruined. This is a serious problem.

Poor Customer Service: Barnes & Noble have gained something of a reputation for poor customer service. This is a major issue for any company competing with Amazon, who have consistently received high praise for the quality of their customer service.

No Kindle Bookstore: Another problem with the Nook is that it can’t access the Kindle bookstore. This is a major limitation, as the Kindle bookstore offers the largest selection of eBooks of any provider.

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Is The Nook Simple Touch With GlowLight Worth Buying?

Over all, the Nook Simple Touch GlowLight is a good product, but is probably now outdone on all fronts by the Kindle Paperwhite. The real deal-breaker with the GlowLight has got to be the fragile screen. There’s no point in paying out for an eReader with a lit up screen if there’s a good chance the screen won’t last long. So it’s hard to recommend this otherwise good product for that reason. Best to avoid this one.

Naturally, the best deal you’ll get is at Amazon for this one and you can check out their sales on them here if you're still wanting to get the Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight. You could also check out sale prices on the Kindle Paperwhite if you're interested in learning more about that one. There's so many tablets and eReaders out there, so it's wise to do your research and actually figure out what you want from this device.

For all tablets, we’ve also reviewed the Kindle Fire HD 8.9Kindle Fire HDNew Kindle,  Samsung Galaxy Tab 2Asus Google Nexus 7Kobo Arc, Kobo ArcKobi MiniNook Simple Touch and the Sony Reader. We also did a side by side comparison of the Kindle Fire HD versus the Apple iPad to give you an idea of the choices you have. It’s a big market out there for buyers now…just choose wisely and figure out exactly what you want your tablet to do for you.

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