MTV Moving Forward With 'Buckwild' Season 2 Including Shain Gandee

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MTV might be getting pressure to kill off their possible golden goose 'Buckwild' after Shain Gandee's death, but we're hearing that you can expect to see Season 2 of the West Virginia based reality show possibly as soon as this fall. Thankfully the producers of the high rated show chose not to role film during Gandee's funeral today. From what I've heard, MTV execs wouldn't have minded that being used as a plot point for the upcoming season.

Gandee's neighbors like Charlie Frampton and other Buckwild castmates have stated that they won't object if the show continues on. Each castmember had just scored a 400 percent raise, some were collecting some major appearance fees and Gandee's family candy business was getting a very big boost from the tv exposure. His reps were actually in talks to have the candy manufactured on a regional level before Shain's death.

The Governor of West Virginia wasn't too crazy about the show and is one loud voice behind getting it cancelled, but a very longtime Viacom source informed me that MTV has never once entertained the thought of shutting down Buckwild. "MTV needs hits, and Buckwild was turning into a big one. When Shain died, there never once was any mention of not returning for Season 2 as filming had already begun. They're not stupid. They are going to say that they want to give the family and castmates time to heal to look good, but this is business and the network knows that with Shain's death, Season 2 is going to be huge."

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We've also been hearing that the producers were looking to expand further with more characters as focusing solely on one can become boring. Myself, I enjoyed the show as I grew up in an area like Gandee's and those were the kinds of things we did to have fun. Shain is definitely the charm of the show, but we know how this biz works. Bravo might have gotten a few mean comments about continuing on the season of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills with good ratings and this won't be any different.

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As our source over at Viacom said, "MTV will wait a week or so after Shain's funeral and then make a big statement of how the castmates feel that Shain would have wanted them to continue on. That way they look like they did all the right things but it's the cast that wants them to continue on."

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