Most Expensive Hollywood Movies Ever Made

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most expensive movies ever made tonto lone ranger and avatar
Hollywood's not been the most conservative when it comes to trying to keep it's pipeline full of franchise, superhero tentpole summer movies while then screaming they're not making the money they should. So they continue pumping out these bloated crazy expensive films hoping that one will hit. Here's a list of the Top 15 most expensive movies. Some hit, some will have their moment to prove themselves during the holiday season and Summer 2013.

johnny depp the lone rangers with armie hammer most expensive movies

Coming soon: The Lone Ranger: Watch Johnny Depp as an eccentric character in “white-face” make-up again for $215MM! Maybe because he isn’t teamed up with Tim Burton this movie may turn out good.

men in black 3 will smith most expensive hollywood movies

Men In Black 3 - A $215MM ‘Men in Black’ movie about time travel…. To bad they couldn’t go back in time to when the MIB movies were good still and before the diva actors took over.

narnia prince caspian is most expensive hollywood movies

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian It’s surprising that this $225MM dollar movie actually doubled profit in the box office. Mainly because, well… we don’t know anyone who has seen it.

johnny depp pirates of the caribbean dead man's chest expensive movies

 Pirates Of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest - The first ‘Pirates’ was a wild success, so one can only assume that the sequel would be flooded with money. $225MM worth in fact… and then make it back in spades.

james bond quantum of solance most expensive movies

Quantum Of Solace: $230MM was plugged into the 2nd Craig/Bond flick. Even though the film was a let down for Bond fans, especially after the incredible ‘Casino Royal’ the film still made half a billion dollars. Skyfall easily makes up for Quantum Of Solace and will easily make it's big budget back along with pulling in new fans for the 50 year old super spy.

henry cavill man of steel most expensive superhero movies

Superman: This highly anticipated film made over $300MM in box office. Sounds impressive right? Too bad it cost $232MM to make. Definitely not the blockbuster the studios thought it would be. Now there back trying again hoping Zack Snyder can do better with Henry Cavill in Man Of Steel.

james cameron avatar tops hollywood expensive list

Avatar: Holy crap. Leave it to Mr. James Cameron to turn a $237MM movie into a $2.3 BILLION dollar juggernaut. What a success. And potentially the best 3D to grace the silver screen yet.

harry potter movies most expensive from hollywood

Harry Potter Franchise: The Harry-boy franchise is the success story of the century. And spending $250MM on this movie was a sneeze to the studio making it. Icing on the cake? The billion dollars it made on this film alone.

dark knight rises with christian bale bane is most expensive movies

The Dark Knight Rises: After Christopher Nolan’s delicious success on his other Batman films, Warner Bros had NO issue forking over $250MM for his finale. The biggest Batman movie for sure. The best? Not quite, but worth every penny spent.

johnny depp pirates of the caribbean on stranger tides

Pirates Of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - They just keep makin’ em. And they just keep makin’ money on em. This one cost a fat $250MM. It was the weakest of the franchise, but still a popcorn-pusher. And yes… they are making another.

spider man 3 tops most expensive movies in hollywood

Spiderman 3: Panned by critics and moviegoers alike, this $258MM movie still made almost a billion dollars internationally. Whew. Thats a lot of web-slinging $$$$$$$

disney tangled movie most expensive hollywood movies

Tangled: Disney got their groove back on this movie. It’s just cost them $260MM to do it. And well worth it, because this flick cleared almost $600MM world-wide. Charmed I’m sure.

peter jackson hobbie movie most expensive hollywood movies

The Hobbit: An Unexpected JourneyPeter Jackson is at it again, busting bills like it’s his job….because, well, it is. This little-person mogul is getting a solid $270MM for each installment of ‘The Hobbit’ franchise.

johnny depp at worlds end pirates of the caribbean movie

Pirates Of the Caribbean: At World's End - Boom! $300MM! Of course, seeing the dollar signs the previous films made there is no way the studio would even bat an eye at signing a $300MM check. Then of course the movie makes $960MM. Boom….again.

taylor kitsch kills off john carter most expensive movie bomb ever

John Carter: This $300MM bomb crap-fest only made $130MM back at the box office. Definition of dud: John (why was this made) Carter

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