Michael Phelps Pops Into World Poker Tour For Jeff Gross

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When you've got a cheering section that includes a surprise visit from Michael Phelps, it definitely keeps you inspired during the long grueling sessions at the World Poker Tour in Montreal, but that's how it worked out for Jeff Gross. Olympic record breaker and swimming phenom, and Sports Illustrated Sportsman Of The Year, Phelps popped in to lend some support to his longtime friend and roommate.

Phelps has been avidly tweeting his support for friend and roomie Jeff Gross, so he gave a nice surprise to the guy by showing up in Monteal at the World Poker Tour to give some more support during the Final 6. Sports Illustrated has chosen him for their Sportsman Of the Year (not surprising after his amazing Olympic record breaking history) and now he's on the very short list for Time Magazine's Person Of the Year. This is a very big deal since there's never been a sports figure named that, and we're hearing that he could make history again with this.

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Natureally, the swimmer has got plenty of this great news to keep him feeling energetic so a trip up to Montreal obviously helped plus he got to play a little poker which we all know is a big passion of his.

He later said in an interview with WPT.com that he had to be there for his buddy. "Gotta support the kid," he told WPT. "Jeff has been my best friend for a long time. I know how excited he is about tonight. I couldn't miss it."

Get ready for more Michael Phelps when the Haney Project reality show hits in February 2013 as the swimmer takes to the golf greens with Jack Haney to master yet another sport after retiring from the world of swimming.

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Michael Phelps Pops In To Support Jeff Gross World Poker Tour - Best Movies Ever

Michael Phelps Pops Into World Poker Tour For Jeff Gross - Best Movies Ever News