Michael Phelps Lands Seventh Sports Illustrated Cover With Sportsman Of The Year

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It's not a surprise that Michael Phelps has landed his seventh career Sports Illustrated cover as he's been names the magazine's Sportsman Of the Year. With his amazing lifelong accomplishments along with his 2012 London Olympics history making turn, he's more than earned it for his retirement from swimming.

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Sports Illustrated won't make it official until December 3, 2012 when they name their Sportsman Of the Year, but we've already learned that it will be Michael Phelps, and no one in the sporting world can deny him that honor. This will also make Phelps seventh cover for the sports publication that always sets a high standard in their coverage making their yearly event a very sought after one.

Phelps career achievements are a thing to marvel at, but then his performance at the 2012 London Olympic Games took him to an entirely different level making him the greatest Olympian of all time after earning 22 medals(18 golds, two silvers and two bronzes) surpassing the mark of 18 Olympic medals set by Russian gymnast Larisa Latynina in 1964. He vowed to change the sport of swimming and literally did just that bringing a big spotlight to it. Ryan Lochte owes him a lot as Phelps easily made the sport much more popular, and the Jeah guy has made the most of that spotlight.
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Sports Illustrated got it right again choosing the man who never overstayed his welcome and changed the sport forever. It will be many more decades before another athlete can come close to Michael Phelps achievements. Lochte can learn a lot about hubris from this man.

Check out the Michael Phelps tribute page which his fans helps created with videos of how he changed their lives and picture tributes.
michael phelps lands sport illustrated cover sportsman of the year 2012

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