Michael Phelps Crashes Land Dive Attempt

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michael phelps xs land dive attempts

Michael Phelps was recently named Most Fittest Man Ever, so he made an attempt at some land action which resulted in him doing more of a crash dive rather than a crowd surfing experience that he was hoping for. Check out the video below where the Olympic phenom had some fun even after taking a tumble.

michael phelps dj land dive crash
Men's Health recently declared most successful Olympic athlete in history Michael Phelps to also be the Fittest Man Alive, beating out Bruce Lee, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Muhammad Ali along with James Bond Daniel Craig, but they didn't measure his crowd surfing abilities. As you can see in the video below, Phelps was rather cautious trying to get into the raft being held up by the crowd at the XS nightclub with DJ Steve Aoki. Seems the crowd was able to handle the smaller Aoki, but once Phelps climbed in, things weren't so easy and he took a backward tumble off the raft.
michael phelps gets into raft for crowd surfing
As expected, the swimming phenom laughed it off and went on enjoying his time in Las Vegas. He's begun shooting the Haney Project where he learns golf in this reality show, but at least, unlike Ryan Lochte, he's not flubbing lines or getting football teams confused.
michael phelps does crowd surf dive attempt and crashes

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