'Mad Men' Season 6 Has Everyone On Board For Nearly Final Season

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'Mad Men' returns Sunday for its sixth and nearly final season, and everyone's jumping back on the 1960's ad wagon. Our friends at Reminisce have surfaced some ads from that day that even Jon Hamm's Don Draper would approve of. Check them out below.

We were sad to see Rick Grimes and company leave us with The Walking Dead's season finale this week, but now we're ready for Don Draper and crew to return. It's going to be interesting to see how Mad Men does going up against HBO's Game Of Thrones, but there's nothing wrong with a little Mad Men Vs Game Of Thrones action to keep our DVR's busy. I will say I had to agree with Whoopi Goldberg this week about the season premiere of Thrones as I was expecting more action, especially the way last season left us hanging. Thrones always satisfies, but I was left feeling a little let down, but that also could have been after watching the season finale of The Walking Dead, and for those that saw it, you know what I mean.

So Reminisce Magazine did a great job of finding some very funny and as they put it 'eyebrow raising' ads for that time period. Obviously now, they look quaint, but these would definitely fit the bill at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. You can check out all of the images below and also on the Reminisce Site.

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Now, here's some big hints of what to expect on the season premiere this Sunday.

  • Don Draper and wife Megan (Jessica Pare) will be seen on the sunny beaches of Hawaii. We're assuming that this time ole Don can't just drive off and leave her sitting at the local Howard Johnsons to find her own way home.
  • I was surprised that people actually wondered if Betty (January Jones) and Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) would be returning this season, but they are too ingrained in the plot to not be. Season 7, we're hearing, that could change.
  • Everyone might be ready for Pete Cambell (Vincent Kartheiser) to commit suicide, but that's definitely not in the cards. You know how he is about image so even the afterlife image would be everything to him. I'm finding some shades of his character on Angel (remember when David Boreanaz's vamp had the baby that grew up quickly into Kartheiser? He went through some major mood swings too and Pete does have the vampire sucking the life out of anything aura about him).
  • Season 6 will take up from 1967 to the even later more tumultuous 60's. I love that about this show how they jump ahead in time rather than trying to keep a total linear path as they get to cherry pick the most interesting times in history to center their stories around. From what we're hearing, the pre-Nixon malaise will begin to set in also as that time period also had the feeling of anxiety and the end of things as we know it. While many may still fantasize about going back in time, just watch these types of shows to get a nice dose of reality of what was really happening.
  • Watch the Season 5 finale again before heading into this one as that famous "Are you alone?" questions prompted at Don will carry through the first episode.

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