Louis C.K.'s 'Louie', Russell 'Brand X' & 'Wilfred' Renewed For FX

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FX is making sure to keep their solid slate of programming going and they've just renewed Louis C.K.'s brilliant Louie for Season 4, Russell Brand's Brand X for a Season 2 and Elijah Wood's Wilfred for Season 3. Charlie Sheen's dad Martin will be joining Anger Management now too.

russell brand x tv show renewed on fx
Louis C.K.'s Louie garnered 3 Emmy Nominations so naturally FX, knowing a great thing when they have it, has already renewed the show that just gets better each season. When the show began getting more popularity with the mainstream attention, I was wondering if people would watch the show and not get it since it is so different from the sitcom formula. I think if this was on a regular network, it wouldn't have survived (hell HBO cancelled his Lucky Louis after only one season), but FX has experimented with so many different shows, it knows its stumbled onto a good block of shows. The fact that C.K. turned down an extra $100 thousand per episode budget so he could keep control of content shows how dedicated this comic is to keeping the shows integrity. Being able to produce what he does for only $300 thousand per episode is pretty amazing when there are network shows doing so much less with so much more money.

Somehow he's able to wear multiple hats of showrunner, writer, director, and star of the series without Louis suffering. Bringing in Woody Allen's longtime editor, Susan E. Morse, has really brought even more to the show. I love the fact that it doesn't even feel like a tv show but some wonderful shorts that you'd see at a cool film festival.

Brand X with Russell Brand has also brought the cable network into latenight programming with rave reviews. It will continue on this fall with the return of Sons Of Anarchy and It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Wilfred, the pot-smoking-dog comedy starring Elijah Wood has also been renewed for a third season now so the quirky male oriented shows will continue on.
martin sheen joins charlie sheen's anger management on fx
Martin Sheen will be joining the cast of Charlie Sheen's Anger Management and FX is keeping an optimistic outlook for ordering more episodes even though ratings have tanked pretty hard each week. Sheen does seem to have those 24 lives so don't be surprised if this one gets renewed just so FX won't have to say they made a mistake with the controversial actor. They're saying that he'll join if the show gets the 90 episode pickup, but we're hearing that it's already a done deal, just like with Wilfred.

"I feel like how we started, we just scratched the surface – barely," said Sheen, who arrived for his appearance at the Television Critics Association session clad in Bermuda shorts, a long-sleeve shirt and loafers, naturally without socks too.

fx renews louis ck's louis on beach with hot miami lifeguard brand x

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