Lindsay Lohan Sis Ashley Horn Vents About Dad Michael On Facebook

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ashley horn sister of lindsay lohan through dad michael
Lindsay Lohan might have lost the support of The View's Barbara Walters, but she just found out that she's gained a half sister through that good ole dad Michael Lohan. A DNA test showed that Lohan, 52, who’s already expecting a baby with his 29-year-old gal pal Kate Major, did indeed father an out-of-wedlock child with a woman who had claimed to have had a relationship with the then-married man more than 17-years ago.

It was revealed through DNA tests, that Michael Lohan did indeed father a love child behind Dina’s back in 1995. Michael was confronted by his newly-acquired 17 year-old daughter,Ashley Horn, on a talk show this week when test results were revealed.

After a tearful acceptance of the news, Horn began wondering how she’s gonna fit into the Lohan clan.

Hollywood Leek has obtained the Ashley’s Facebook status after learning about her biological father. But seriously, with a dad like Michael, wouldn't you just want to bury those DNA test results and pretend for someone much better...heck, anyone's better than poor Lindsay Lohan's tape recording and sell to TMZ dad!

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ashley horn with michael and lindsay lohan on dna paternity

Ashley Horn Confronts Michael Lohan - Best Movies Ever

Lindsay Lohan Sis Ashley Horn Vents About Dad Michael On Facebook - Best Movies Ever News