Kindle Fire HD Versus Apple's iPad Review

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review for kindle fire hd 8.9 versus new ipad 3 from apple
When making a decision on what type of tablet to purchase, in addition to doing your own personal research on the product, you should focus on what is best for you. The newest model Kindle Fire HD from Amazon and Apple’s iPad 3 both have pros and cons depending on your specific needs.

The Apple iPad 3 was launched in March 2012, giving it the leading edge in tablet technology. However, when it comes to affordable tablets, the new Kindle Fire HD is certainly giving the iPad a run for its money. Both devices have some similarities and differences – so here's what you need to know.

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Physical Features

The Kindle Fire HD is coming out with its largest screen, at 8.9 inches, which is slightly smaller than the Apple iPad 3’s 9.7 inch screen. It is also lighter and slimmer than the iPad 3. The larger screen on the iPad 3 is, however, the only tablet with a retina display, which no one argues, has the clearest, true-to-life projection on any application being used.

The iPad 3 has an LED backlight with a 2048 x 1536 pixel imaging. This is the highest out of any tablet on the market. The Kindle Fire HD has a pixel resolution of 1920 x 1200, which is much smaller in comparison to the iPad 3. Per pixel inch, the iPad 3 also displays the highest in the market at 264; however, the Kindle Fire HD is right behind with 254. Not much of a big difference there.

Apple has also used its best technology in creating an A5x chip as its fastest processor, and the Kindle just can't compare. This means for faster downloads of applications and web browsing, including streaming of videos.

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Applications and eBooks

Amazon does have the largest selection of media downloads available for eBooks, magazines, and games. Also note that the Kindle Fire HD is the only tablet with anti-glare screen technology - the viewing of reading material is much better on Amazon’s device.

Where the iPad always wins, however, is in its apps. There are more than 550,000 applications and growing. Although the Kindle Fire HD is based on Android, you don't have access to all Android apps and are far more limited in this respect. If you're just looking for basic applications, such as email and social networking, as well as reading and surfing the Internet, the Kindle Fire HD is perfect. If you want more flexibility, however, the iPad 3 is a better choice.


There is a big difference in cost between the two devices. The Kindle Fire HD starts at $299 for only WiFi service and 16 GB of memory. The higher end model of the Kindle Fire HD uses LTE networking with 64 GB of memory and costs $599. If you want something cheaper, you can even opt for the non-HD Kindle Fire for a mere $159, or the smaller HD screen for $199.

The iPad 3’s starting price is $200 more at $499 with WiFi and 16 GB of memory. The highest option is LTE networking with 64 GB of memory selling for $829.

The iPad is more powerful, but for casual users and those on a budget, the Kindle is far more affordable.


Users of the iPad 3 can access the cellular data service through Verizon and AT&T. Currently, Amazon only offers its networking service through AT&T. Both allow you to connect to a 4G network if you buy the appropriate tablet model, and if there's coverage in your area (4G coverage is still limited across the country).


If you are planning to take pictures and videos with your tablet, then your best option is the iPad 3. This device has front and rear cameras, as well as video taking technology for crisp pictures and videos.

The Kindle Fire HD only has a front facing camera, to be used mainly for video conferencing through programs such as Skype. It does not have any video recording capabilities.

In essence, if you just need a tablet for digital reading of material, light surfing of the Internet, and checking infrequent emails, the Kindle Fire HD is very affordable and a great companion to a smartphone. If you will be using your tablet for more work-related tasks and need more applications and mobility in your career, than the extra few hundred dollars for the iPad 3 would be your best choice.

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