Hurricane Sandy Inspires Michael Bay & Bruce Willis New Disaster Movie

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blow hard starring hurricane sandy michael bay and bruce willis
As with anything that generates a lot of controversial or mainstream press attention, Hollywood has already been scurrying and backrooming with disaster maestro Michael Bay knowing that there's a big movie to be made from the latest natural disaster known as Hurricane Sandy. Now we've learned that Hurricane Sandy has reached an agreement to star opposite Bruce Willis in Michael Bay’supcoming disaster film, Blow Hard. While details have not been made public, the deal is rumored to be worth two-million dollars.

If accurate, this will make Hurricane Sandy the highest paid natural disaster in Hollywood history, beating out such previous record-holders as the Great Chicago Fire and Lindsay Lohan.

Blow Hard is a modern-day coming of age story that chronicles one Hurricane’s arduous journey to America.

According to Bay, the story will borrow liberally from Sandy’s early life as a tiny gust of wind on the Serengeti, culminating with her much publicized dalliances with a low-pressure system somewhere over the Atlantic and eventual landfall on the eastern seaboard.

bruce willis blow hard for hurricane sandy and michael bay

In Blow Hard, directed by Michael Bay, Bruce Willis tries to kill Hurricane Sandy with a shotgun.

This will mark the troubled hurricane’s foray into acting and what she hopes will be a new career path and a chance to leave her life of destruction behind her.

“What I really want to do is direct,” Sandy told media,” but for now I’m just happy to be working, especially with all the bad press I’ve had lately.”

She also wants her success to inspire young actresses in Hollywood, but warns that talent alone is not enough. “You wouldn’t believe who I had to blow to get this part,” Sandy said.

No word yet on who'll portray President Barack Obama but Billy Bob Thornton is set to play Mitt Romney while walking disaster Lindsay Lohan feels she can portray Alex Jones, the man who claims Barack Obama devised a manmade natural disaster to help his campaign. Lohan has not visited the Prison Planet website which Jones runs, but she feels she's had enough jail time to relate.

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