30 Hot Toys for Christmas 2012

hottest christmas holiday toys for kids images
30 Hot Toys for Christmas 2012
So many times the corporations are deciding what they think will be the next hot toy for Christmas, but many times the kids don't have that much say. They just get bombarded with ads until they think that's what they want, but this time they've ...

hottest christmas holiday toys for kids imagesSo many times the corporations are deciding what they think will be the next hot toy for Christmas, but many times the kids don't have that much say. They just get bombarded with ads until they think that's what they want, but this time they've chosen what they think is the hottest toys to get for Christmas.

After going through so many adult toys like all those smartphones and tablets, it's been great to also cover lots of kids toys that people of all ages can get into. After two months of testing everything out and many hours wasted playing, we've pulled together a rather massive list of the 30 Hottest Toys for kids and adults this Christmas Holiday season. This will be on everyone's gift wish list so here's your shortcut to know what and where to get everything! This time, we included everyone here's nieces, nephews, friends of the nieces and nephews to help us figure out what would be on the big gift wish list this season. Here you go!

The holidays are approaching, and with them, the unavoidable stress of shopping for gifts. That’s where this list comes in-to show you some of the hot toys for Christmas 2012 and make a seemingly impossible task (getting good gifts for the kids in your life) become possible. We’ve taken significant time to look into these products to determine whether or not they should make the list. Factors that contributed were our hands on experience with them, their popularity amongst the general public, and their levels of innovation.

hottest 2012 christmas gaming toys for kids

LeapFrog LeapPad 2It might actually be enough to save your iPad.

hottest kids toys 2012 leapfrog leappad 2 images

The LeapFrog LeapPad 2 is going to be an incredibly hot toy for Christmas 2012, and it’s no mystery as to why. It’s one of the best learning tablets on the market, and it could be your saving grace (not to mention one of your child’s favorite toys.) With double the memory capacity of the original LeapPad, a sleek, attractive design, a multitude of games and apps, and close to flawless functioning, it will be hard to go wrong with this tablet.

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HEXBUG Warriors: Only one warrior will remain standing…

hottest toys for kids hexbug warriors battle robots images

HEXBUG always has neat products, and their Warriors line is no different. The tiny, robotic, Warriors use nano vibration technology to buzz around mock battle arenas and use various weapons (most of which actually move or spin) and interchangeable armor to bump each other until only the victor is left. An LED light on their back is the ‘health meter’ and goes from green to yellow to red as the Warrior takes each hard hit. When it goes red, it will automatically shut down shortly after.

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Melissa & Doug SuspendTHE new game to have.

hot kids toys melissa and doug suspend game images

Suspend is a must have game for this Christmas. To play, you start with metal rods of different lengths which correspond to their colored tip. For example, a black tipped rod is the shortest. Players then set up a hook from which you take turns balancing and hanging your rods without knocking the structure over. Literally and figuratively it will keep you in constant suspense.

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Razor FlashRider 360It’s not your classic 3 wheeler.

razor flashrider 360 images

Razor has upgraded the classic three wheeled bike into something truly impressive. Among other things, they’ve built the bike on a welded steel frame, added dual inclined casters for drifting, pumped up an impact resistant front wheel and…added spark cartridge. What all this adds up to is a bike that kids can cruise along on, and then throw showers of sparks when they drift.

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Tegu MobilityClassy classics with a modern twist.

hot kids toys tegu mobility images

Tegu Mobility is a line of lovely wooden cars that have more than just visual appeal going for them. These wooden cars are made durable, and most importantly, free of any chemicals. There are silhouette cars, and then two designer cars that kids can construct using Tegu’s signature magnetic wooden blocks. They’re simple, well made, and a lovely new presentation of classic toy cars.

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Furby: Better than ever.

furby images hottest kids 2012 christmas holiday toys

Remember Furbies? Yup, they’re back, and with more features than ever before they’re destined to become one of the hot toys for Christmas 2012. The cute interactive critters come in six colors, and your child can treat it like a real, live, pet. You can tickle Furby, talk to it, feed it, and even have them interact with other Furbies. Don’t pull its tail though-they don’t appreciate that. One of the neatest features is, in my opinion, the fact that the Furby comes speaking Furbish but picks up English as you play with it.

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Nerf Elite Hail Fire: Can you dodge the darts?

nerf elite hail fire images hottest kids toys

Nerf Elite Hail Fire is a blaster that allows for intense mock battles or fun on your own. It boasts an impressive capacity of 144 darts, which is more than any other Nerf blaster to date. The blaster itself comes with clips that can carry 6 darts, which can be rotated through as they empty.  Get the motor started for semi-automatic blasting, and fire away!

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littleBits: The power of creative engineering in a beautiful, simple, toy.

hottest kids toys christmas holiday 2012 little bits images

We thought this was one of the best toys that came out this year. Whether or not your child is curious about engineering or science or anything like that, they’re still going to enjoy littleBits. They’re basically little pieces of electronics that easily snap together via small magnets. When snapped together in the proper order, you create a circuit that has one or more basic functions. For example you can create a light dimmer, or a strength meter. There’s no end to the creativity, and no end to the entertainment either.

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Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle: Not even the dragons stand a chance.

imaginext eagle talon castle hot kids toys images

The Eagle Talon Castle opens the door to the big, wide, world of imaginative play for your child, it has a number of new features that make the toy more appealing. All kinds of sound effects, a motion sensor to pick up incoming trouble (like ogres or a dragon) and a plethora of toy figures enhance the play experience. It can fold out from 20 inches to 40 inches, and features turning disks in which knight figures can stand upon. When you turn the knight, the disk moves with them, and something will happen to the castle i.e. an eagles head popping up and torches flickering.

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Bobble Bots: Delightful bots you can’t go wrong with.

hot kids toys bobble bots moshi monsters reviews

Bobble Bots brings to life the popular online world of Moshi Monsters. Each ‘bot is based off of a moshling character (the pets of the Moshi Monsters), and uses nano vibration technology to buzz around its environment. They’re collectible, with some Bobble Bots being rarer than others. There are a number of customizable play sets available that allow kids to build their own version of Monstro City, and give their ‘bots a place to play in. With so many different aspects to mess around with, these guys were one of our favorite toys for 2012.

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Nintendo Wii UKnocking down gaming barriers and redefining screen time.

hot kids toys nintendo wii u images

The Nintendo Wii U is the latest and greatest video game console. It fits in naturally with your regular entertainment set up, but there’s one little bonus-the Wii U GamePad. Now, instead of being reliant on the T.V. screen for video games, you have your own screen to play on. If the T.V. is being occupied, there’s no longer any need to fight for screen time. The GamePad allows you to have your own personal gaming set up. This plus a number of other neat, truly futuristic features make it an impressive gift come Christmas time.

Lego Lord Of The RingsThe epic journey makes its way to your living room.

lego lord of the rings hot kids toys 2012

Legos brings to life the incredible world of middle earth in the form of their Lord of The Rings play sets. With much attention to detail, they’ve replicated most all of the main characters and many of the movie scenes. There’s a kit to recreate Gandolf arriving in the Shire-cart, horse, and all, as well as a kit to recreate the battle in the Mines of Moria. Whether or not your child is a fan of Lord of The Rings, they won’t be able to resist getting caught up in the awesome world Lego has made available.

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ThinkFun StenzzlesPuzzlers, these were made for you.

thinkfun stenzzles hot kids toys images

Stenzzles are a unique, new, form of puzzle that will challenge not only your visual skills, but your spatial skills as well. Each set of Stenzzles consists of 8 cards, with each card having one stencil image on it. The goal of the game is to stack, layer, flip, and rotate all of the 8 cards until you’ve matched the colorful image shown in the puzzle booklet. It’s a simple enough concept, but a worthy challenge for any kid (or adult) who loves puzzling things out.

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UglybuddiesDouble the ugly, double the fun.

uglybuddies hottest kids toys for christmas holiday

You remember Uglydolls, right? Those strange, misfit, plush critters? Well, now there’s a new take on them, and it’s called Uglybuddies. The Uglybuddies are basically an Uglydoll, with a smaller Uglydoll stuffed into a pouch on their front. There are a number of different buddy combos out there, so there’s an ugly friend for everyone. This Christmas double the ugly, double the love!

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Vapor Delta 500: An innovative new blaster.

vapor delta 500 hottest kids toys for christmas 2012

The Vapor Delta 500 may very well be one of the hottest toys to come out this year. It has a cool look to it, fires up to 100 rounds without needing to reload, and has an impressive long range firing distance (up to 80 feet.) But what really sets it apart from other toy blasters is its gel ammo, which breaks down on its own, thus eliminating the need to go and retrieve ammo. This obviously detracts the hassle of having to clean up ammo, and lengthens play time.

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MEGA Bloks World of WarcraftAdding a new dimension to WoW.

wow mega bloks world of warcraft hot geek toys 2012

Mega Bloks World of Warcraft consists of 13 impressive play sets and 19 life-like characters, all of which have had an enormous amount of thought put in to their creation. Each piece looks pretty close to its online counterpart (of course it’s not an exact science.) For any kids who love the game, these would make a great Christmas present. Adults who are WoW crazy would also enjoy them-they certainly make a unique decoration for your desk.

Tonka Tumblin’ Chuck: Who knew a truck could do a somersault?

hottest kids toys tonka tunblin chuck

Tumblin Chuck is a nice sized, bright red, jolly dump truck. He talks, hums little tunes, makes requests (‘can you roll me backwards?’) and best of all, he can tumble right along with your little one. Press a button and he’ll promptly announce ‘it’s tumble time!’ before proceeding to flip himself entirely over. His antics and phrases will be a delight for toddlers to interact with.

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Crayola Digital Light Designer: Drawing gone digital.

craylola digital light designer hot kids toys images

The round, domed, canvas of the Digital Light Designer opens up a new way to draw-with light and pixels! Use a stylus to doodle anywhere on it, and observe as they light up. If your kid wants to save their masterpiece, there’s an option to do so and display it later. In addition to being a drawing surface, the Light Designer has a game and activity mode to inspire long sessions of creative play.

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Vtech Switch & Go Dinos: Dinosaurs and cars combined!

vtech switch and go dinos reviews hottest kids toys 2012

Vtech has taken two of the most popular toys for boys-cars and dinosaurs-and melded them into one talking robotic toy. With a few flips and switches, you can transform from vehicle to dino and back again. An LCD screen displays either a driver or a pair of eyes, depending on what mode you’re in, with multiple versions of both to choose from. There’s a nice selection of characters, which range from a T-Rex/car to a Spinosaurus/airplane. Each Switch & Go Dino has its own quirks and capabilities, if you get one; your kid is probably going to want more.

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ThinkFun Roll & Play: Inspiring play, learning, and bonding.

thinkfun roll and play hottest kids toys 2012

Roll & Play is a game designed with just toddlers in mind. It’s a simple but entertaining game that boosts understanding of basic concepts (colors, numbers, actions, etc.) while creating a perfect opportunity for parents to have a blast with their kid. To play, you roll a giant plush cube with 6 different colored sides. Depending on which color it lands on, you draw a card from one of the colored card piles. It will have a simple action or question on it that kids will enjoy figuring or acting out, and they’ll love watching their parents take turns too.

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Skylander’s GiantsThe Skylander universe just got bigger.

skylanders giants hottest kids toys for christmas holiday 2012

The oldest race in the Skylander Universe, The Giants, have awakened, and they are not in the best of moods. Now, they’ll wreak havoc on who knows what. That plot forms the basis of the new Skylander Giants combination of video game and action figures. Kids who are fans of the original Skylanders game will be beyond eager to play with the latest additions and, most of all, find out what happens next.

Barbie Photo Fashion Doll: Barbie is back, with a new digital twist.

hot kids girls toys barbie photo fashion doll images

It was only a matter of time before Barbie strayed into the realm of technology. Now she’s come back, with all of her original features plus a built in camera. With this camera girls can take snapshots of whatever they want and the image will show up on Barbies T-shirt. They can mess around with frames for the photos, and easily upload them when the memory becomes full. Barbie is rechargeable and can hold up 100 photos.

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Twister DanceTwist up your moves.

twister dance hottest games for kids and adults

Twister now has a dance version of the game that adds a different sort of challenge-dancing and reflexes. Kids have to keep up as the spots flash in time music, with 3 levels of difficulty. The game comes with some of today’s popular songs, but kids can also plug their own music player into it and it will pick up on the beat. This capability creates an almost endless pool of entertainment and activity that’s not going to get dull anytime soon.

Zing Z-X Crossbow: Perfect for a different kind of backyard battle.

hot kids toys zing z-x crossbow images

A toy crossbow. A toy crossbow that actually works. A toy crossbow that actually works really well and has awesome Arrow Zartz that stick to things when you fire them. Yup, that’s the Z-X Crossbow, and if you have a kid who has even the slightest interest in crossbow-ish toys, this needs to go down on your Christmas list for them this year. The ‘arrows’ have suction cups that allow them to stick to the various surfaces they’re fired at, while a load/trigger system makes it hard to fire off a bad shot.

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Master Moves Micky: Micky has learned to break dance.

master moves mickey m3 hottest kids toys

Anything involving a popular character like Micky is bound to be amongst the hot toys of the year. Known as “M3” Master Moves Micky is living up to these expectations of popularity. He hooks kids in as grooves to his own beats while doing interesting and sometimes downright impressive moves. Some of his dance moves include “The Insane Handstand” “The Windmill” and a full on 360.

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WowWee Flip ForceIs it 2 cars or 1?

hot kids toys wowwee flip force cars images

These neat little cars are really 2 toys in one. First you have one kind of car, take a pickup truck for example, and then when you flip it over the sides will fold down and it will transform into another different vehicle-even something as different as an ambulance. Simple and easy to use, they automatically they double the imagination and fun that goes into playtime.

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Playmobil E-Rangers HeadquartersFull of fabulous futuristic play.

playmobil e-rangers headquarters hottest kids toys images

The new E-Rangers Headquarters is going to be at the top of more than a few wish lists this year. The station has a detachable roof, a personal transporter (which can convert to a car or a jet) and a real, working, solar cell. It also has computers that function with a changing display and LED lights. Straying into these new kinds of features, Playmobil has successfully carried their tradition of creating products that inspire imaginative play into 2012.

BuckleyBoo: Perfect plush for developmental play.

hottest kids toys buckleyboo images

BuckleyBoo is a line of sweet plush animals whose bellies are covered in all kinds of buckles and ribbons. It may look like a random assortment, but they’re designed to help children develop through multiple stages of learning and development of small motor skills. As young as a year and a half all the way until age four, BuckleyBoo sees your child through as they learn how to master matching, buckling, and unbuckling all of the buckles. All of those details about development aside, kids will have a blast just playing with the buckles and the plush animal.

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Nanoblocks: Build with more precision than ever before.

hottest kids toys nanoblocks images

Nanoblocks have become so popular in the eyes of some that with the new sets coming out, they’ve almost strayed past the realm of being one of the hot toys for Christmas 2012 to being the hot toy for Christmas, and beyond. These little micro blocks (the smallest piece being a teensy 4mmX4mmX5mm)allow you to build with more detail then you ever could before. The Eiffel Tower, a near exact replica of a polar bear, a pristine guitar, or any creation you can dream up is at your fingertips with this new way to build. Kids and adults alike will thoroughly enjoy the creative, inspiring, fantastical experience that is creating with Nanoblocks.

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Vtech Cogsley: Educational robot buddy.

hottest kids toys vtech cogsley robot images

Meet Cogsley-he’s a talking, moving, robot that incorporates educational games into every part of his robot regime. He comes with 30 ‘chips’ that each have a different image, letter, and word on them. For example, one could have an image of an airplane, the letter A, and the word airplane. Kids can drop the chips into a slot on Cogsleys forehead, turn his nose, and depending on which mode of play you’re in, Cogsley will react accordingly with a question or action.

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Hopefully this makes your Black Friday and Christmas Holiday shopping a little less stressful. And if you feel a little stressed buy one of these killer toys for yourself and go at it!

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