'Glee' Review, Full Performance Clips Plus Preview Britney 2.0

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Ryan Murphy's Glee came back with a vengeance making fans realize why they loved the show when it started, and here's some of full performance clips of the numbers along with Heather Morris' Britney 2.0 preview clips.

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Glee Season 4 easily brought back fans who had left it after the first couple season, including myself. Ryan Murphy knew to make some major changes which worked beautifully, and made me like the show all over again. The first few episodes have really held me so that's a great sign.

I've never been much of a fan of Blaine (Darren Criss) since he seemed more like the stereotypical twinkie, but this season, his character is coming into his own, and the scene where he lets Kurt (Chris Colfer) got to New York really did it for me. It feels like Murphy's writers are really digging deep for the after high school reality that hits nearly all of us when we go away to college and it's just not the same protected world anymore. This is the one relationship that has really gotten many people behind, and Murphy is taking care to put this one through all the paces of a normal relationship rather than a tv fantasy one.
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Kurt's character is getting even stronger as he's learning that even if you don't get exactly what you thought you wanted, you don't give up. Burt and Kurt scenes have always gotten me to well up, but this one where his father is letting him know he needs to fly was so touching. Any of us who grew up in a small town and knew we had to leave to pursue our dreams can really feel this scene hit you in the gut.

The other big change was for Rachel (Lea Michele) where she's back to where she was on the first season. Over the past season, her character really got on my nerves as it felt so one note, but now we have the Rachel that we can root for...and more importantly, want to root for. Dean Geyer's Brody is very likeable, and actually makes you glad that Rachel's got someone in her corner. When you come to any large city from a small town and get this kind of reception, any kindness makes you so grateful. Their chemistry is great, and when Finn comes back for Episode 4, it should make for some great scenes. After last season, this was one relationship that really needed some shaking up.

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Kate Hudson was brilliant playing this wonderfully juicy role, and if you've ever encountered a bitter teacher or instructor before who didn't make it in their career, this will bring those memories flooding back. Hudson will easily get an Emmy nod for this role even if it is for just a few episodes.

So Ryan Murphy has won be back again on Glee, and I'm hoping that it stays on such a great course for the rest of the season. The dual city storyline was a big risk that's already paying off great. As you'll see in the Britney 2.0 coming up, Rachel finds out that Cassandra isn't so perfect after all and has quite the little crazy side. I'm not sure which Broadway actress she's based on, but Hudson is carrying on with the part quite well. (That was actually a big hint in there on who it's based on too!)

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