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digital trail to general petraeus scandal emails
President Barack Obama couldn't even enjoy a whole week of being re-elected before a shocking scandal hit for General David Petraeus. This thing has spiraled so out of control and entered into some very bizarre territory, that naturally emails eventually start leaking. Through extensive investigative research, the Hollywood Leek has obtained some of the emails recovered by the FBI in the General Patraeus scandal.

This scandal has become a web of secrets and adultery that's worthy of a Lifetime movie. Before you read the exclusive emails below, here is a short background of each person involved in the heated scandal. We've also added a flow chart which helps makes a little more sense of the nonsense thanks to Gawker.

general petraeus affair scandal flowchart

General David Petraeus – Former director of the CIA who recently resigned due to his extramarital affair with Paula Broadwell.

Paula Broadwell – Petraeus’ biographer and the woman with whom he was having an affair.

Jill Kelley - Friend of Petraeus who received threatening emails from Broadwell accusing her of flirting with Petraeus.

Unnamed FBI agent - Friend of Kelley who she turned to for help after receiving Broadwell’s (then anonymous) emails. He also sent shirtless photos of himself to Kelley at some point prior to the investigation.

John Allen - The current commander of US troops in Afghanistan who had thousands of potentially inappropriate correspondences with Kelley.

Eric Cantor - Republican congressman and House Majority leader who spoke with the unnamed FBI agent and knew of Petraeus’ affair back in October.

petraeus scandal with jill kelley email to david

petraeus scandal paula broadwell emails to jill kelley links

petraeus scandal jill kelley email to fbi shirtless agent

scandal emails from general petraeus to jill kelley

petraeus scandal fbi agent shirtless email to jill kelley

petraeus scandal john allen email to jill kelley images

petraeus scandal with fbi agent email to jill kelley follow up

scandal general petraeus email to jill kelley for sandwiches

petraeus scandal with jill kelley email to john allen

petraeus scandal with fbi agent emails to eric canter

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general petraeus scandal emails leak

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