Dwayne Johnson Rocks Out 'Fast Six' In London Images

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dwayne johnson rocks out more fast six bulges in movie

Dwayne Johnson sent off some new Fast Six images of him shooting the latest action installment on London's Lambert Bridge with lots of smoke and major destruction as would be expected with him. Plus he sent a pic of him cooking up pancakes to check out below.

dwayne johnson cooks up pancakes for fast six
Dwayne Johnson loves his Twitter and he's been working it with lots of images from Fast Six while Vin Diesel has been oddly quiet on his Facebook lately. Johnson has been very active and he's front and center with this latest stunt, and this one looks like it'll be one of those high impact explosive ones like in Fast Five.
fast six lambert bridge wrecks dwayne johnson images
dwayne johnson wrecking fast six lambert bridge in london
dwayne johnson rocks his bulge for fast six action images
fast six movie set images with dwayne johnson
fast six trucks for dwayne johnson
These next two Fast and the Furious installments will take Diesel, Johnson, Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Luke Evans, Joe Taslim, Gina Carano, Sung Kang and Michelle Rodriguez and the rest of the gang all over Europe. It hits theaters May 24, 2013. After Fast Five, I can’t wait to see how Justin Lin tops himself.
dwayne johnson shows bulges for fast six movie images

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