Chris Hemsworth & Ron Howard 'Rush' With New Poster & Trailer Images

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chris hemsworth and daniel bruhl rush movie images with ron howard

Even though Chris Hemsworth's Thor: The Dark World keeps getting so much attention, there's another very exciting movie of his coming out before he wields his mighty hammer. Ron Howard's Rush has the hot in demand actor playing real life charismatic Englishman James Hunt as a Formula 1 driver going up against rival Niki Lauda (Daniel Brühl).

Hollywood is counting on all those racing fans along with the Hemsworth fans to pump up the box office on this biopic which hasn't hit it major marketing stride yet. I think they may be surprised as anyone who's ever gone to a racing event (Nascar) will attest; it's a very loyal bunch that go every week. Usually biopics aren't big for the studio execs either, but with Ron Howard Helming and that Aussie actor, it was easily something they couldn't refuse. I grew up very close to the racing circuit so this is one movie I'm very excited to see knowing that the Thor sequel will be just two months later making for a great ending to another great blockbuster movie year.

Check out the latest poster from the film along with all the latest images from the film and trailers below that we'll keep adding too.

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Rush Movie Synopsis: The epic action-drama stars Chris Hemsworth as the charismatic Englishman James Hunt and Daniel Brühl as the disciplined Austrian perfectionist Niki Lauda, whose clashes on the Grand Prix racetrack epitomized the contrast between these two extraordinary characters, a distinction reflected in their private lives. Set against the sexy and glamorous golden age of Formula 1 racing, Rush portrays the exhilarating true story of two of the greatest rivals the world has ever witnessed—handsome English playboy Hunt and his methodical, brilliant opponent, Lauda. Taking us into their personal lives on and off the track, Rush follows the two drivers as they push themselves to the breaking point of physical and psychological endurance, where there is no shortcut to victory and no margin for error. If you make one mistake, you die.

Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Brühl, Olivia Wilde, Natalie Dormer, Joséphine de La Baume, Pierfrancesco Favino, Tom Wlaschiha, Christian McKay, Patrick Baladi

Directed by: Ron Howard

Release Date: September 13, 2013
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