Celebrities Gift Ideas For Halloween Trick Or Treaters

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scarlett johansson halloween gift ideas
Celebrities love getting all the free things that their claim to fame brings them, and some have no problem spreading their good luck while other are not so much. Our friends at Hollywood Leek got the lowdown on which celebrities are giving treats, and which ones are doing more tricks on unsuspecting Halloween Trick Or Treaters this year. This way, you'll know which houses to avoid, and which celebrities will actually be there to greet your swollen pumpkins and fill it with more sweet love.

Below, you can see what to expect from these celebrities. Some surprising, some not so surprising.

Kim Kardashian – Old wedding gifts not able to be returned or tracked by Kris Humphries.

halloween kim kardashian giving old wedding gifts

Octomom – Sugar Babies and real spare babies. Possibly a signed copy of her porn movie for the right price.

octamom giving sugar and real real babies for halloween

Rush Limbaugh – Oreos with crushed Oxycontin filling.

halloween treat rush limbaugh gives oreos with crushed oxycontin

Snooki – Jello shots along with a resume since Jersey Shore Has Been Cancelled

snooki gives jello shots and resume for halloween treats

Mel Gibson -  Mein Kampf and candy corn

for halloween mel gibson gives mein kampf and candy corns

Lance Armstrong – His Tour de France titles

lance armstrong gives tour de france titles for halloween treats

Robert Pattinson – What’s left of his dignity and autographed Trampire Tee Shirts

robert pattinson giving out kristen stewart trampire dignity tt shirts for halloween

Wesley Snipes – An IOU & Free Prison Visits To Check Your 2012 Tax Forms

wesley snipes gives prison visit iou for halloween treats

Scarlett Johansson – Skittles and a boner. Often confused with a Matt Bomer.

scarlett johansson gives skittles and matt bomers for halloween boner treats

Rupert Sanders – Peanut M&M’s and a speaking part in his next movie if you’ll sleep with him. He made Kristen Stewart and even bigger star!

rupert sanders halloween treats is a speaking role after full mouth

Mitt Romney – Nothing. He doesn’t believe in handouts.

mitt romney giving no handouts for halloween

Gary Busey – Haunted House ride in his mouth.

gary-busey giving scary mouth for halloween tricks

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