Bravo Silences Kathy Griffin Talk Show: Now For Anderson Cooper

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Many may not even realize that Kathy Griffin's low rated Bravo talk show had been renewed for a second season, but there won't be a third season. Now rumors are swirling that she and fellow New Year's Eve co-host and recent cancelled talk show host, Anderson Cooper, will be joining forces at CNN. We're hearing that it's not looking like anything serious for a talk show though.

Griffin beat Bravo to the punch and let her fans know at a recent comedy show this past weekend that she had been cancelled. Last month, talk hit when she and Anderson Cooper filmed a live pilot at CNN which had president Jeff Zucker watching closely. Today, I'm hearing that the audience was so so about the taping and Zucker is very much on the fence. "CNN's going through a major overhaul," our source said, "but pairing two failed talk show hosts which were ratings impaired might not be the best solution. They pull in great ratings every New Year's Eve, but even Zucker had admitted that a little Kathy Griffin goes a long way."

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I am inclined to agree with this as I tried watching several episodes of her talk show but it just didn't match her stand up comedy shows. She wasn't really able to get her guests to be as open as BBC's Graham Norton, and so much of the comedy felt forced. I was shocked when it got renewed and they tried for a live audience ala Andy Cohen's gabfest, but sadly, she just doesn't translate well as a talk show host. Hopefully Bravo will keep her stand-up shows coming or she'll movie over to HBO for that which would be just as fine with me.

So for those groaning that Griffin will only diminish Cooper's credentials, don't expect their pairing up for anything more at CNN than those over the top New Year's Eve specials. Now if only CNN could get Jake Tapper to relax a little more as he's making me miss Rick Sanchez now...and that's saying a lot!

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