'Body Of Proof' Drops Two Bodies: John Carroll Lynch & Nicholas Bishop

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body of proof drops john carrol lynch and nicholas

Dana Delany's 'Body Of Proof' escaped the cancellation bubble by ridding itself of two major characters played by John Carroll Lynch and Nicholas Bishop. The ABC show has also been shortened to thirteen episodes.

nicholas bishop and john carroll lynch dropped from body of proof
'Body Of Proof' got a reprieve after winning tax credits from the California Film Commission’s $100 million allocation and was renewed for a shortened season of thirteen episodes. As further cost cutting measures, two major characters have been cut. Nicholas Bishop's character Peter Dunlap will be easier to cut loose as last season ended with him being stabbed by an embalmer's hook trying to save Dana Delany's Megan Hunt from being killed. I'm sure other characters will be sure to just let Meghan fend for herself from now on after that! Now Lynch's character, Detective Bud Morris, will be a little more difficult as he was last scene with his wife at their baby shower.

These two characters were rather strong lynchpins for the ratings deprived show so it'll be interesting to see who Delany's gets to argue with in the next season. Another thing I'm curious about is if the shortened season will end up affecting the tax credits since those were for 22-episode third season. Perhaps the two characters being dropped were to make up for possibly losing the credit. We shall see.

'Body Of Proof' isn't the only show dropping major characters, the other ratings deprived 'Private Practise' cut Tim Daly loose from next season.
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