Blingles Glimmer Studio Makes Perfect Stickers For All Kids Review

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blingles glimmer studio box set review images 2013

The Blingles Glimmer Studio is that fun toy that truly can bring out the creative in your kids along with making a great family project night. Recommended for children ages 5 to 15, this customizable sticker set definitely appeals to girls more than boys. Blingles makes a full line of "bling oriented" fashion oriented accessories and toys for young girls, and the Glimmer Studio is the latest addition. This glittering sticker set brings out the unique style and personal touch of young girls looking to express themselves in fashion statements and accessories. The inexpensive kit delivers a lot of expressive personalization at a low cost, so let's open it up and see exactly what's inside.

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blingles glimmer studio stickers images

Key Features of the Blingles Glimmer Studio

* Creates up to eight different iridescent and sparkly designs

* Makes up to 60 stickers

* Not for children 3 years of age and younger

* Stickers adhere to any surface

* Great for personalizing clothing, shoes, purses, backpacks, cell phones and more

blingles glimmer studio review images 2013

What Makes the Blingles Glimmer Studio a Good Purchase?

Parents know that young girls love to express themselves through fashion. Blingles has created this glittering sticker maker to allow the tween, preteen and young teen girls in your life to express their personal style using the included glimmer pen, glimmer brush and assorted glitters to create up to 60 stickers they can put anywhere and everywhere.

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The kit also includes a glitter collection tray, 4 separate glitter tubs, 16 large "gems", a glitter glam styler, eight sticker sheets and one instruction booklet. A fashionable pink tray keeps everything in one place, and helps make for easy, no-fuss portability. By adding your own glitter, the possibilities increase greatly, and let your fashionista express herself even further. Parents should probably make sure they have a discussion with their child before using, as the glitter can be messy if not handled properly.

Creation and customization of the stickers is simple. After choosing a particular sticker style, peel back only that section where you want to apply glitter. Dip the included roller in the glitter of your choice, and roll onto your sticker. Brush away any excess glitter, then peel away the next section you want to add glitter to, and repeat the process. Blingles also makes a full line of compatible sticker accessories, and there are refills and extra stickers which can be purchased when this kit runs out.

Be sure to check online for the best prices as they'll continue dropping throughout the holiday season.

This means a virtually limitless amount of style possibilities for young girls to express themselves, and the Blingles Glimmer Studio also makes a great buy for those parents who notice and want to encourage artistic creativity in their children, and at a low cost as well.

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