Biggest & Strangest Product Recalls Ever

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biggest and strangest product recalls ever
Banana Boat sunscreen is recalling some half-million bottles of spray-on lotion after reports that a handful of people have caught on fire after applying the product and coming in contact with an open flame.

Energizer Holdings said Friday that it is pulling 23 varieties of UltraMist sunscreen off store shelves due to the risk of the lotion igniting when exposed to fire. Yes, we see the irony of a company called Energizer Holdings having a product that can catch on fire so our friends over at Hollywood Leek spotted some of the biggest and strangest product recalls ever.

banana boat sport sunscreen recalled for causing fires

July 1994- Johnson & Johnson recalls “No More Tears” baby shampoo after emotionally repressed toddlers shoot up malls nationwide.

johnson's baby shampoo product recall

October 1997- Gilette discontinues “Sensor 3″ razor following complaints by the League of Urban Legend Villains that the blades are “conspicuously bulky in Halloween apples”, “nearly unswallowable.”

gillette sensor 3 product recalled

August 1999- Cracker Jack pulls over 600,000 boxes from retailers’ shelves when the prizes present a choking hazard; frustrated company CEO promises that future boxes will contain “crap that’s worse than nothing at all. And lame prizes.”

cracker jack box product recalled

June 2000- McDonalds discontinues Happy Meals containing toys from Pixar flop “Plumbum!” about a lead marionette who just needs kisses to come to life.

mcdonalds happy meals recalled

May 2003- IAMS, Purina and Eukanuba are forced to recall over 70 varieties of pet food following a lawsuit from Ruth Glovis of Troy, MI, alleging that the food has rendered her cats “irritable, lethargic, and destructive”.

iams pro health puppy dog food recalled

September 2006- Grocers stop carrying spinach for nearly 3 weeks after an e. coli outbreak causes 5 deaths, 276 consumer illnesses, and frightening forearm-swelling in sailor men.

great fresh spinach product recall

April 2011- Cantaloupe and honeydew melons are recalled nationwide after samples are discovered to contain listeria. Nation absentmindedly wonders when fruit cup got so tasty.

cantalope and melon chunks get recalled

October 2011- Toyota recalls over 3 million cars equipped with faulty brakes, cigar-smoking ghost of previous owner.

2010 toyota prius recalled for faulty brakes

August 2012- Monster Energy Drink prepares to recall “Plague” flavor from its “Just Straight Up Poison” line of workout drinks in wake of 500+ deaths in Orange, NJ; cancels recall when victims’ families fail to press charges or even seem that upset, really.

monster energy drink gets recalled

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hamburger meat biggest and strangest recalls for 2012

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