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top celebrity diva demands with beyonce and katy perry
We all know that many celebrities can have quite the diva attitude. With the latest rush of Concert Riders leaking out all the time, we've learned that some celebrities diva demands are just plain crazy. Below are the Top 20 Craziest and Over the Top Celebrity Demands by some people who just might surprise you...and several others who won't.

While on tour, its customary for staffers to duck into the nearest room and avert their gaze anytime she’s around. Plus, she also has an assistant who’s sole job is roll out a white linen carpet for her feet.

beyonce knowles jay z top celebrity diva demands

Britney Spears
Spears demands that anyone on her staff be ugly and she MUST have an extensive beauty team.

britney spears shaves head breakdown for meth addiction

When Jay’s on tour he demands bottles of the expensive champagne, Armand de Brignacs Ace of Spades. He’s spent 250 grand on the stuff during ONE night at a Miami club. Also, he ONLY is driven in black late model Maybachs.

jay z top celebrity diva demands

Mariah Carey
Mariah’s list of diva request is long and legendary. She’s demanded bendy straws for Cristal, an endless supply of Cap’n Crunch, a plethora of puppies and other furry pets, and she even paid fellow guests at her Aspen vacation home $100 a piece to leave the hot tub she was in PURELY so she could sip champagne alone.

mariah carey american idol top celebrity diva demands

Janet Jackson
If she is ever working an event with a comedian, he/she is contractually banned from poking fun at her or anything about her family. In addition to those egotistical demands, she requires dozens of white tulips, black towels and tons of candles that are precisely five inches tall.

janet jackson celebrity diva demands

Scott Disick
Kourtney Kardashian baby daddy does not like to wait. Such was the case when he, frustrated from waiting to board a Southwest flight, shoved his way to the front of the line, knocking over elderly people and a mother with her twin children.

scott disick kardashian top celebrity diva demands

The eccentric pop star once demanded that the owners of the HUGE 02 arena in London, build him a five-bedroom house on the grounds – all on THEIR dime. This move was made so he wouldn’t have to ever stay in a hotel again when performing there.

prince top celebrity diva demands

For her most recent tour, organizers met with Madonna’s “sterilization team” who cleaned the scene of any hair, skin or saliva left in her dressing room. On top of that, her 30-person security team built fake walls and ceilings to ensure no one would capture footage of Madonna naked.

madonna top celebrity diva demands

Kim Kardashian
The big bootied reality star treats her pooper well. Kim dropped a healthy $100K on a self-flushing toilet. Sources say Kim can’t handle the thought of a foreign heiny crapping on her throne and forgetting to flush. Plus, she loves being the one person in the neighborhood with a toilet more expensive than most houses.

kim kardashian top celebrity diva demands

Steven Tyler
The ex-American Idol judge proved to be quite the diva during filming. After one sweat-drenched performance, when he couldn’t find a towel, he simply wiped his face on a nearby staffer’s skirt. Also, Tyler demands having a “VIP room”, but only if it’s decorated in “East Indian motif.” He strictly forbids the use of any “Pakistani compressed towels.”

steven tyler top celebrity diva demands

Kanye West
Every male member of West’s band on tour enjoys a veritable culinary buffet, but his female band members don’t get anything. Also, Yeezy insists that Versace towels be cut so he can wipe his face onstage.

kanye west taylor swift top celebrity diva demands

Christina Aguilera
Christina hates traffic. She hates it so much that she contractually demands expensive police escorts to and from events.

christina aguilera top celebrity diva demands

Jennifer Lopez
J. Lo famously demands all-white décor – including candy – in her dressing room. But once her twins were born, she went insane with her demands. In Vegas, she threw a massive fit when her room didn’t include cribs.

jennifer lopez jlo top celebrity diva demands

Justin Timberlake
Timberlake is serious about his champagne. He once threw a fit over “flat” bubbly during a dinner. On top of that, at hotels, he demands there be a ceiling above his bed.

justin timberlake and jessica biel top celebrity diva demands

Salma Hayek
Salma will “storm off” set if she catches anyone looking directly at her and she’ll refuse to continue working until that “evil” offender has been fired. She’s also been known to verbally assault negligent hostesses.

Salma Hayek Top Celebrity Diva demands

Katy Perry
Perry has been known to demand all carnations be stricken from her dressing rooms and insists on only roses. She’s just as petty about her furniture, constantly requesting egg-shaped chairs, modern coffee tables, French style lamps and a glass door refrigerator. Also, she forbids her drivers to speak or even look at her.

katy perry top celebrity diva demands

Back in ’07 during a U.K. tour, a nightclub accidentally offered to host the mogul’s after party. They had no idea there was going to be $1 million in demands. Such items requested: chauffer-driven Maserati, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes and $400,000 of free Krug champagne for his 200 person entourage.

diddy celebrity diva demands

Adele will not use “poor quality pens,” demanding only Sharpies. She also insists of the “very best quality” red wine be on hand constantly.

adele top celebrity diva demands

Will Smith
During the filming of MIB 3 in New York, Smith had a 53-foot, 22-wheel trailer parked next to the set instead of trekking the one mile to his vast NY apartment.

will smith top celebrity diva demands

Tom Cruise
Cruise only uses the best cosmetics. He’s been known to apply facial masks made of nightingale droppings, rice bran and water. Also, on movie sets: Any doors that Tom might walk through must be opened and shut first to “clear out bad energy.”

tom cruise top celebrity diva demands

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