Best Movies Ever Unleashes Their Movie Box Office Trailer Zone

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best movies ever box office trailer zone

Best Movies Ever News has been slowly expanding to deliver more of what you all want, and after many many months, our team of techies have created our Box Office Trailer Zone. This new area of our site is chock full of so many goodies including every new trailer for every upcoming film along with latest box office numbers and you can find whatever film is playing in your area too.

This is something I've been after our team for well over a year so that our main area can focus on entertainment news and for those of you that just want to check out the latest trailers (or even ones from way back), you have an area to just do that without having to leave our site! After trying to figure out a way to have a box office tally, our tech people found a way and then we realized that we could create an entire play area for people who were just looking to see what films were playing (and what times) where they lived or wherever they were travelling too. You just enter the zip code in whatever country and it pops up for you.

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You also can check out box office numbers for whatever movie along with cool facts and figures for each one along with the latest images too. Trying to do all that on our main site was next to impossible so now this is a much easier way to keep things better organized and easier for you all to find.

We've also just added our Gamer Section, and the image below will take you there if you want to check it out. It includes every game on every platform and console with trailers, images and everything else you want to know in gamer news. It's been a great year and we thank all of our readers who've given us so many ideas of what they want so we're continually working to make that happen. I never would have thought our Holiday Shop would have been such a huge hit, but after the response, we're going to keep it going all year round so you'll have the latest and hottest toys, gifts and gift ideas for every holiday. For those that didn't know, we also have our Kindle Store too, but I'm more looking forward to some very big news to share starting in 2013...I'm assuming we'll all still be around after December 21, 2012!

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Best Movies Ever Unleashes Movie Box Office Trailer Zone - Best Movies Ever News