Batman The Dark Knight Rises Bat Vehicle Review: Tom Hardy's Bane Not Included

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Batman, one of the most widely-recognized and loved super heroes, has been a popular choice for toy manufacturers for years. Thanks to the recent trilogy of films by Christopher Nolan, which culminated with the summer 2012 release of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, Batman is once again right in the limelight and kids are going crazy for him! A whole host of toys have been released alongside the Dark Knight Rises, and the Bat Vehicle is one of them. But is it any good? Let’s take a look.

Key Features Of The Dark Knight Rises Bat Vehicle

* Based on the vehicle featured in the Dark Knight Rises movie,
* Launches projectiles,
* Sound effects,
* Ages 4 – 13.

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Is The Dark Knight Rises Bat Vehicle Worth Buying?

Did your child go mad for Batman last summer with the release of the Dark Knight Rises? If not, it’d be more than a little surprising! The Dark Knight Rises was one of the biggest film releases of 2012, and was a huge box office success. Adults and kids everywhere were talking about it, and kids were naturally playing at being Batman, Catwoman or Bane!

One of the most popular pieces of equipment used by Batman in the latest film was the Bat Vehicle. This didn’t appear in either of the previous two titles in the trilogy, but enabled Batman to take to whole new levels as he flew around unloading missiles to stop his enemies! The helicopter-like Bat Vehicle inspired kids of all ages, and this toy is an accurate representation that enables them to really let their imaginations run wild in a Batman universe!

The obviously great thing about this toy is how similar it looks to the Bat Vehicle in the movie. This improves the imaginative experience for kids who want to picture a realistic Batman world as they play, helping to keep them more content.

Just like the Bat Vehicle from the movie, this one fires projectiles. These are great fun, and make for action-packed play sessions, especially with accompanying sound effects. On top of that, Batman himself can be launched out of the Bat Vehicle up to 9 feet, making for even more excitement.

There are a couple of glitches with some toys – projectiles not locking into place when reloaded into the vehicle and the canopy not locking properly either – but these aren’t that widespread so shouldn’t worry you too much. And the toy is pretty durable, meaning that it’ll withstand the sort of action-packed playtimes that it’s in for well enough. If your child is a Batman fan, then this is sure to be a big hit! Naturally, the best deal you’ll get is at Amazon for this one and you can check out their sales on them here.
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Batman The Dark Knight Rises Bat Vehicle Review: Tom Hardy's Bane Not Included - Best Movies Ever News