Avery & Pete Show Off Their New 'Superseeds' Poster

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Every filmmaker knows the excitement of landing your first investors for your passion project, and writer/director Kholi Hicks and producer/actress Teresa Decher got theirs through Kickstarter which helped them complete Avery & Peter Superseeds. Now the really hard part hits...finding the elusive distributor, but this film shouldn't have too much problems as it will easily be compared to Harold & Kumar's adventures.

We all know it's hard enough making a money, but in retrospect, that's the easy part as you wade through the distribution minefield. Most first timers don't realize how tough it is, but once you get through it and make sure you really read the fine print, it's worth it. I'm hoping that Superseeds has been submitted to film festivals like Fantasia as this would fit right in with their scheduling, plus that crowd would really eat this one up. Another suggestion would be Anchor Bay Entertainment as they're pretty great people to deal with and aren't looking to screw over new filmmakers like so many distributors will.

Check out the trailer below along with the new poster and distributors, this is one to keep your eye on! And a note to the filmmakers. It wouldn't hurt to check out the brilliant documentary Overnight about how not to screw yourself over in this industry. This is a must film for any first time filmmakers to get some perspective and hopefully keep it. We'll be reaching out to the filmmakers to do an interview since I really like what they're doing and we love using our site to help push good fresh talent.

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[callout title=AVery & Peter Superseeds Movie Synopsis]Set in an urban Los Angeles, Superseeds follows best friends and roommates Avery and Pete in a race to curtail disaster in their city. The duo--accompanied by their hair brained friend "Mouse"---steal a supply of marijuana, in hopes of clearing their rental debt. In the process, they unknowingly take the fruits of a Mad Scientist's labor. Now, having sold the discovery-of-the-century, prior to uncovering the truth themselves, they must locate their friends and recover the missing merchandise before its bi-polar creator comes gunning for them--literally.

Starring: Teresa Decher, Adam LeBow, Cody Deal and Justin Cone

Directed By: Kholi Hicks[/callout]

avery and peter superseeds movie poster images 2013

Avery & Peter Superseeds Movie Trailer - Best Movies Ever

Avery & Pete Show Off Their New Superseeds Poster - Best Movies Ever News