Charlie Cox Wants Particular Villain on ‘Daredevil’

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Season two of Daredevil introduced two very popular comic book characters to the show. Both Elektra (Elodie Yung) and the Punisher (Jon Bernthal) came to Hell’s Kitchen for the show as antagonists for Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) this season, but neither of them were exactly villains, even though they spent plenty of time causing trouble. Charlie Cox recently participated in a conference call with several members of the press, and he had a great idea for which comic book villain Daredevil should tackle next if the show gets a third season.

Interestingly, the villain Cox would like to see enter the world of the Netflix series is one that was rumored to be coming to the show while the details of season two were being worked on. He explained what he thought about the comic character Bullseye as a villainous addition, saying:

If we are fortunate enough to continue making the Daredevil series, I can’t imagine doing a run of Daredevil where Bullseye doesn’t show up at some point. It would be great to have him around at some point. Who would play that part I have no idea but I just think there’s such an interesting, rich character there, and also of course, the history that Bullseye has with Karen Page is an interesting dynamic.

Bullseye has been on screen before. He was played by Colin Farrell for the Daredevil film that starred Ben Affleck, but he definitely ranks up there with Kingpin as far as comic book villains go. Slightly unhinged, and with a definite murderous streak, Bullseye is responsible for the deaths of many of the people in Matt Murdock’s life in the comics. The villain kills both Elektra and Karen Page in different story arcs, so bringing him onto the show would definitely be a sign that Matt’s life would be getting even more complicated than it already is.

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Some believed the character was teased in season one as another character was shot by a sniper who had a playing card on his rifle. Not only is the character a skilled sharpshooter, but he also has unerringly perfect aim, able to kill someone simply by throwing a playing card at them, a hallmark of his in the comics. For a time, he was also employed as an assassin by the Kingpin in the comic books. All of which give him different entry points into the show if the writers decide to use him.

While we don’t know yet if Daredevil would even get a third season, it’s always possible that, with the Netflix series from Marvel all being connected to one another, we could see Daredevil and/or Bullseye pop up in another show, or even that Bullseye could be a part of the Defenders team up series. After all four heroes (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist) make their way to Netflix, they will unite for The Defenders, which will see them taking on bad guys together.

Daredevil season two is currently available for streaming on Netflix along with season one of the series and season one of Jessica Jones. Luke Cage will hit the streaming site in September, while Iron Fist is expected to land on the site in 2017.