Latest Andrew Garfield 'Spider-Man' Reboot Movie Stills Slamming Some Crotch

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Enjoy all the latest 'Spider-Man' movie reboot images while you can, Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and company will soon be heading inside to shoot on set. If you've ever wondered what Spider-Man would look like with his crotch shoved in another guy's face, well you're in luck!

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Thanks for all the images that have been flooding our e-mail boxes from all you LA fanboys. I'm sure many will have their positives and negatives to say about the Spidey costume, but we know that there'll be plenty of CGI and color corrections and all that good stuff in post. I'm more curious about why Garfield (or stuntman) has such a blackened crotch. The suit's definitely tight enough to leave little to the imagination, so you don't really need to draw attention there. I've also gotten plenty of e-mails mentioning that this suite isn't as nice and shiny as the first one we posted. Naturally when they're doing stunts, it's doubtful they'll be using such a pretty one since all the sweating and crotch slamming can give it quite the workout...maybe that's why the black crotch rot look.
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The big game our staff has been doing is seeing which shots are actually Andrew Garfield and which ones are the stunt double. The above pic is a great example since if you look close in the back seat of the car you'll see another Spidey sitting. I'm assuming that would be Garfield waiting for the harder work to get done. Anyway, enjoy the rest of the shots.

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