'American Idol' Dumping More Judges For Next Season

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jennifer lopez to replace mariah carey on american idol

American Idol definitely tried to use some negative press before the season started to jump start its flagging ratings, but the Mariah Carey Nicki Minaj feud has done nothing to stop the shocking ratings freefall. So like Simon Cowell's ratings starved X Factor USA, expect to see a new judges panel next season...aside from Randy Jackson who has nowhere else to go.

Word has surfaced that American Idol was hoping to stave off their ratings freefall midseason by replacing Mariah Carey with Jennifer Lopez, but that's been more to plug Lopez's appearance o the show in May. The problem with Idol is way more serious, and their adding Carey with Minaj has done nothing to help ratings. Keith Urban has been a complete bland bore on the show and Minaj has turned off many of the core audience across America. The THR rumor story of Carey getting bumped off the show seems a little odd since manager and fellow judge would have nixed that quickly with a very high priced litigation threat.

the voice season 4 judges shakira usher adam levine and blake shelton

Last week Idol was beaten by repeats of CBS hit The Big Bang Theory. NBC's much better singing competition The Voice returning has done even more damage to Idol as the addition of Shakira and Usher Raymond have only helped boost ratings. Adam Levine and Blake Shelton stayed on while Christina Aguilera and CeeLo Green took a short hiatus from judging.

We've been hearing that Jennifer Lopez might be back next season to judge (naturally she'll be pushing for way more money and perks) as she proved to be more popular than Carey. Enrique Iglesias' name is already back in the mix to replace Urban along with some younger female names to try and get back a younger demographic that The Voice has quickly taken. Word has also started that FOX isn't happy with Cowell's X Factor problems, and they're considering trying to woo him back to Idol. That would be a long shot as Simon will probably continue driving his show into the ground refusing to admit it just isn't working.

Right now, Idol continues throwing money down the drain thinking that it's all about the judges and not the actual singers vying for the win. They could easily take notes from The Voice to see how it doesn't have to be all about the judges hogging the spotlight. Until then, keep watching those ratings drop and then blame it on one of the outgoing judges. This time around, they'll just point the finger at Mariah Carey. Next season, we'll see who they can blame. Sadly, it's the singers on the show and the fans of the once juggernaut singing competition who suffer.

american idol judges keith urban nicki minaj and mariah carey

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