Ryan Murphy Keeps 'American Horror Story: Asylum' In 12 Stitches

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american horror story asylum stitches teaser images

Ryan Murphy has had a super busy week with American Horror Story: Asylum marketing with EW doing a cover story, new cast promos, pictures and now the teaser number 12 entitled Stitches. You can check it out along with new images below.

teaser 12 stitches for american horror story asylum
Teaser 12 Stitches feels like a tamer one for Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story: Asylum mainly because I was expecting blood to come gushing out from the sewing machine, but it just does it thing without any gore this time. I do get a creepy feeling that someone at the asylum Blood Face will be using this to stitch together his mask of human skin trophies. Below is what Bloody Face will look like from the EW story. To see all the Teaser Trailers and Promo Clips in one spot, you can check out our American Horror Story: Asylum Teaser Gallery. They're getting to be so many that it's easier to put them all in one big spot for everyone while still posting each one as it comes.

It's amazing that with Glee, The New Normal and this one all on the air this fall that Murphy's been able to keep up quality control, but he's got a great team as everything is looking good. We just watched The New Normal, and it's got some really good potential.
bloody face from american horror story asylum images

stitches sewing machine in american horror story asylum trailer

The upcoming season of American Horror Story: Asylum stars Jessica Lange, Adam Levine, Franka Potente, Chloe Sevigny, Zachary Quinto, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Lily Rabe, James Cromwell, and Joseph Fiennes and will kick in October 17, 2012. And don't forget to check out our American Horror Story: Asylum Teaser Gallery.

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American Horror Story: Asylum Stitches 12 Teaser - Best Movies Ever

Ryan Murphy Keeps 'American Horror Story: Asylum' In 12 Stitches - Best Movies Ever News