Amazon Kindle Benefits Over Others Like Asus Google Nexus 7

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With all the eReaders now available on the market it can be a little confusing to choose the right one. Many of the features are very similar to each other, so how do you decide? The answer is that it depends on your specific needs. I was confused at first since I had though e-readers and tablets were the same thing, but through all this testing of all the major brands, I learned how wrong I was. There's a world of difference, but the average person doesn't know that so if you're having the same issues I was, this breaks down what makes the Amazon Kindle Family step ahead of the competition. Many of you will disagree, but we love those comments pointing out other aspects we haven't covered. The Kindle has gotten popular with some celebrities showing that they use it. Even Two and A Half Men's Angus T. Jones has been seen using the Kindle Fire HD before his latest controversy.

There's even a clip showing a head to head competition between Amazon's Kindle Fire HD versus the Asus Google Nexus 7 below.

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Here are some of the main benefits that Amazon’s basic Kindle device can offer you when you are looking for just a simple eReader:


The original Kindle is the lightest eReader on the market, weighing less than 6 ounces. It is also the most slender eReader, making it very portable and easy to carry in a purse or a bag. Due to its small and compact size, it's easy to get comfortable in a sofa or beach chair while you snuggle up to this eReader.


The basic Kindle starts as low as $69. This is great if you're looking for a device to mainly read eBooks and magazines. Other eReaders cost more, with the least expensive starting at $150, offering the same type of service as the original Kindle.

Of course, Kindle does offer different models, depending on your preferences, but it still runs cheaper than other eReaders with the same uses.

Variety of eBooks

Amazon is verified as having the largest eBook collection at costs below $9.99. There are over a million eBook titles available for Kindle, which keeps growing each day. Through Amazon, Kindle is the only eReader that has exclusive rights to certain books that may not be available for other eReaders (due to the Kindle format eBooks only working on Amazon Kindle and Kindle apps).

Even if you're only looking for the latest best sellers, they will be available through Amazon, for Kindle. This is a great benefit for the avid reader. Plus, you only buy the book once through Amazon to read on your Kindle, which you can download to your personal computer or smartphone if you choose.

Battery Power

The Kindle has the best battery power from all eReaders. On one charge, the Kindle can last up to one month with continuous use. It uses very little power when you are reading an eBook.


When choosing a device that you may spend hours on, the quality of the text is very important. Kindle uses digital ink for clearer viewing. Although this is also a feature of some other eReaders on the market, it's still worth pointing out. This allows the user to almost believe they are reading from a printed book – that is how clear the wording is on the Kindle.

Lending Options

The Kindle device, through Amazon, that allows for lending options from local libraries at no extra charge. There are limited local libraries that currently work with Amazon on this lending program; however, as this move in technology grows, so will the number of local libraries offering Kindle users access to more digital books. Note that this service is also available on a small number of other eReaders.

Amazon also offers Kindle users the option of Prime membership, where members receive access to the Kindle Lending Library where there are no due dates, so you can take your time reading an eBook. Current best sellers are always available for lending, and there is approximately over 180,000 eBooks currently available for lending on a Kindle. This is a huge benefit of owning a Kindle.

In short, the original Kindle is the best device for the person who just simply wants to read a great eBook. With the amount of reading material available daily through Amazon, the reading possibilities are endless for a Kindle user.

Naturally, the best deal you’ll get is at Amazon for this one and you can check out their sales on them here.

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