Adam Levine Gets With 'American Horror Story' Bloody Face

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adam levine strips down for ryan murphy american horror story bloody face images

Adam Levine makes his appearance on the set of Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story to meet Bloody Face, and Murphy's working his new Twitter account to show it off along with a new shot from Glee.

american horror story adam levine with glee lea michelle and kate hudson glee
Ryan Murphy's like a kid in a candyshop with his new Twitter account, and he's been sending out images from both American Horror Story and Glee. In one, he let it slip that Adam Levine will not only be part of 'The Lovers' but possibly one could be known as 'Bloody Face'. That would work for The Voice and Maroon 5 star who loves walking to his own beat.
adam levin with his bloody face for american horror story shirtless
Murphy then shot out a few new images from the set of Glee, which will be taking place in the Midwestern locale along with New York where Rachel Berry is trying to be That Girl and Fin is off in the Army with a bunch of sweaty men who don't harp like his girlfriend does. Kate Hudson is joining the mix this season, and we'll see how she compares to Gwyneth Paltrow.
lea michelle with kate hudon on glee set with ryan murphy images
kurt colfer on ladder with lea michelle on set of ryan murphy's glee
We were rather rough on Murphy's American Horror Story last season, especially with that stupid stupid ending, but I'm curious to see if he and Brad Fulchuk learned anything. They've got a boatload of shows they're working along with NeNe Leake's The New Normal on NBC so hopefully they'll all get the attention they deserve.
adam levine american horror story with lea michelle for ryan murphy

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