A Look Inside Syfy's 'Defiance' Container Village At SXSW

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We didn't get into Austin until late last night so it was nice and quiet at the SXSW Syfy Defiance Container Village thankfully. After a very chatty plane ride it was a nice relief.

I had no idea of what to expect since this was to give us an idea of what the Defiance world would be like when it hits Syfy on April 15, 2013, but seeing it firsthand at night when it's quiet definitely gave a good idea of a desolate landscape. As you can see from the images below, it's looking pretty cool from an interactive experience.

defiance container village at sxsw best movies ever

From the moment that we got here, they were immediately making sure we felt at home...and this was before they realized that we had this site so I was impressed. All I had to go on were the trailers and behind the scenes clips from the show so I didn't know what our 'container' would look like or be like. All I had to go on was the phrase 'shared bathroom facilities'. Naturally, it took me back to college, but basically each containment unit has it's own bathroom and shower.

We're staying next to Jesse Rath, who plays a blue haired alien on Defiance, but mainly we know him as Being Human's Sally's real life brother.  Naturally we'll be working on getting an interview with him.

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From what I gather, the container units on Defiance won't look as great as ours, but I'm glad Syfy didn't want to expose us to too much realism for our stay. I've done my share of staying in some real crappy motels to keep a film budget down so I'll take a better looking version for our interactive experience. Check out all the images from the Defiance Container Village.

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We'll be talking more to the people involved in the show since I've got a lot of questions about what went on behind the scenes, how it came together etc. If you're here at SXSW there's a panel discussion talking about The Making Of Defiance moderated by USA Today's Mike Snider Sunday March 10 at 4PM at the Palmer Events Center. We'll see you there.

I'm impressed with how far Syfy went putting this village together, but it seems appropriate since they'll be the first show to ever have both a game and a television show hitting right at the same time. That's a huge gamble for a movie (think of that crapfest game that hit with The Expendables 2 movie) so for a tv show it can be a game changer or an abject failure. Being a huge fan of Syfy's series Being Human and Face Off, I'm hoping this one works.

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A Look Inside Syfy's 'Defiance' Container Village At SXSW - Best Movies Ever News